Scale of the Sands Reputation Guide

Scale of the Sands

  1. Overview
  2. Quests and Epic Rings
  3. Reputation Rewards

The Scale of the Sands is a sect of the Bronze Dragonflight led by Sordormi in the Caverns of Time. They are responsible for coordinating the defense of the timeline in Mount Hyjal. Players will start at 0/3000 Neutral Reputation with them, and gain reputation largely by running Mount Hyjal. A full run of Mount Hyjal with no wipes gives 9,125 rep. Humans recieve 10,037 rep for a full clear. However, if you wipe, and the trash waves proceed to kill the faction leader in the base you are protecting, you have to start the trash waves over again from the beginning of the last started series of waves. In essence, killing a boss gives you a "checkpoint" of sorts, and you don't have to kill already dead bosses' trash over again. If you wipe, any waves you started at all during the instance lockout will not give any rep. Therefore, you lose rep if you wipe.

Every monster inside Mount Hyjal gives full reputation all the way to Exalted. The reputation given per mob is listed below:

Clearing the first 2 sets of trash waves and bosses will give 1790 rep each (1969 for humans). Clearing the third set of trash and a boss will give 2000 rep (2200 for humans), and clearing the final set of trash and a boss will lend 2045 rep (2250 for humans). Finally, if you, by some miracle, find a raid where every raid member can resist the innate urge to stand in the fire, you can kill Archimonde for 1500 rep (1650 for humans). If you are in Hyjal, and are farming strictly for rep, there is no reason to stop at any part of the instance unless you simply cannot kill a boss.

In addition, there are a handful of quests you can do for reputation. The first quest is The Vials of Eternity. It's a fairly simple quest. Simply pick it up, kill Lady Vashj (in Serpentshrine Cavern) and Prince Kael'thas (in Tempest Keep, not Magister's Terrace), and they will both drop vials. Bring them back to the quest giver to complete the quest. This quest no longer counts for the Hand of Adal title, unless you picked it up before patch 3.0.2. Doing this quest will reward 3,000 reputation with the Scale of the Sands, and will give you a choice between 4 different paths, each with a different epic ring. You may not do any of the quests to obtain the epic rings without first completing The Vials of Eternity. Whenever you reach a new reputation level, come back to the quest giver with your current ring, and she will give you a quest to turn in your current ring for a better one. Complete it to get the ring for your reputation level.

The Paths are:

Each path yields an epic ring. This ring increases in power by doing quests at each level of reputation above friendly, all the way to exalted. Once you have selected a path you may not chose another until you reach exalted reputation and are willing to pay 75g, so beware..... pick the one you want!

Scale of the Sand Reputation Rings Friendly Honored Revered Exalted
Path of the Champion Band of Eternity from Champion's Pledge Band of Eternity from Champion's Vow Band of Eternity from Champion's Oath Band of the Eternal Champion from Champion's Covenant
Path of the Defender Band of Eternity from Defender's Pledge Band of Eternity from Defender's Vow Band of Eternity from Defender's Oath Band of the Eternal Defender from Defender's Covenant
Path of the Restorer Band of Eternity from Restorer's Pledge Band of Eternity from Restorer's Vow Band of Eternity from Restorer's Oath Band of the Eternal Restorer from Restorer's Covenant
Path of the Sage> Band of Eternity from Sage's Pledge Band of Eternity from Sage's Vow Band of Eternity from Sage's Oath Band of the Eternal Sage from Sage's Covenant

In addition to the epic rings, Jewelcrafters may earn 32 recipies for the epic gems that may be mined in Hyjal, dropped in Black Temple or Sunwell Plateau, and as of 2.4, bought with Badges of Justice. The designs cost 6g before faction discounts (5g 70s at Friendly, 5g 40s at Honored, 5g 10s at Revered, and 4g 80s at Exalted).

The recipies are:

Scale of the Sands Reputation Recipies Jewelcrafting Red Gem Recipies Jewelcrafting Yellow Gem Recipies Jewelcrafting Blue Gem Recipies Jewelcrafting Orange Gem Recipies Jewelcrafting Green Gem Recipies Jewelcrafting Purple Gem Recipies
Friendly Design: Bold Crimson Spinel Design: Brilliant Lionseye Design: Lustrous Empyrean Sapphire
Design: Bright Crimson Spinel Design: Gleaming Lionseye Design: Solid Empyrean Sapphire
Design: Delicate Crimson Spinel Design: Smooth Lionseye Design: Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire
Design: Runed Crimson Spinel Design: Thick Lionseye
Design: Subtle Crimson Spinel
Design: Teardrop Crimson Spinel
Honored Design: Glinting Pyrestone Design: Dazzling Seaspray Emerald Design: Balanced Shadowsong Amethyst
Design: Luminous Pyrestone Design: Forceful Seaspray Emerald Design: Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst
Design: Potent Pyrestone Design: Jagged Seaspray Emerald Design: Infused Shadowsong Amethyst
Design: Reckless Pyrestone Design: Radiant Seaspray Emerald
Design: Steady Seaspray Emerald
Revered Design: Rigid Lionseye Design: Wicked Pyrestone Design: Enduring Seaspray Emerald Design: Royal Shadowsong Amethyst

Finally, the best level 70 ammunition in the game is available at Honored with The Scale of the Sands. Both Timeless Arrow and Timeless Shell require honored reputation to buy. They cost 2g before faction discounts (1g 80s at Honored, 1g 70s at Revered, and 1g 60s at Exalted).