Herbalism 1-450

The goal of this guide is to create a seamless and efficient route to leveling Herbalism.

This guide gives a general outline and suggestion for what herbs to pick to efficiently level skill up and where those herbs are best found. A flying mount (preferably epic) will make this process much faster for circuits in Outland and Northrend, but is not required. The number included in parentheses after each individual herb is the skill level required to collect that herb.

Collect every single herb that you find that can possibly give a skill level. Collecting yellow and green level herbs is not a waste of time and help level more quickly.

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Circuits around any of the starting areas to collect Peacebloom (1), Silverleaf
(1), and Earthroot (15). If your collecting in Eversong Woods, you also have Bloodthistle (1). However, don't go out of your way to Eversong Woods because it has the same number of herb spawns as any other zone. In addition, Bloodthistle neither sells well or is used for Alchemy.

Horde and Alliance both do circuits in their 10-20 zones to collect Mageroyal (50), Briarthorn (70), and the earlier mentioned herbs. For Alliance, Darkshore is a good choice because its compact area makes finding herbs easier. Horde, if its not too crowded, should gather in The Barrens.

Circuits to collect Bruiseweed (100). Best choices are Stonetalon Mountains, Southern Barrens (for Horde), and Ashenvale. If these spots are crowded, Alliance can farm the outside perimeter of Twilight Grove in Duskwood. These herbs often spawn close to cliffsides, like mining nodes.

Circuits to collect Wild Steelbloom (115). Best choices are the perimeter of Arathi Highlands (even for Alliance). Another good spot is the northern perimeter and entire southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, but be heads up as its still a hotspot for PVP servers.

Similar circuits to collect both Kingsblood (125) and Liferoot (150). Good choices are Stranglethorn Vale, Wetlands and Stonetalon Mountains (specifically in the Charred Vale).

Circuits to collect Fadeleaf (160), Goldthorn (170), and Khadgar's Whisker (185). Best choices are Swamp of Sorrows (focusing towards the perimeter), Northern Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh. 160-170 make take a little longer than usual because Fadeleaf doesn't have as many spawn nodes as is typical.

Simply farm Purple Lotus (210) in The Hinterlands at Jintha'Alor. Anyplace else is a waste of time comparatively.

Expand your circuits to include the entirety of the Hinterlands to pick up Sungrass (230). Continue to hit Jintha'Alor every 10-15 minutes to pick all the Purple Lotus spawns.

Circuits around Felwood picking everything and anything your skill will allow you. Available should be Gromsblood (250), Sungrass, and Arthas' Tears (220).


Circuits around Hellfire Peninsula to collect Felweed (300) and Dreaming Glory (315). Dreaming Glory is found primarily around cliffsides, similar to where mining nodes would be found. Both of these herbs spawn all over the Outlands so continue to collect them as you see them later in the guide.

Circuits around Zangarmarsh to collect Ragveil (325) and Flame Caps (335). You can also do circuits around the northern part of Terrokar Forest for Terocone (325).

Circuits around any zone in Northrend to collect Goldclover (350). Goldclover spawn in every zone in Northrend, so simply do circuits around whatever zone best fits your level. Also keep in mind what zones on your server are typically busiest and stay away from those.

Circuits around Zul'Drak to collect Talandra's Rose (385).

Circuits around Sholazar Basin to collect Tiger Lily (375) and Adder's Tongue (400). Tiger Lily is found around any source of water, such as streams, coastlines and lakes.

Circuits around Stormpeaks to collect Lichbloom (425) and Icethorn (435). Both of these herbs can also be found in Icecrown, depending on how busy each respective zone is.