Tailoring 1 - 375

Step 1: Buy all the following items at AH/VENDOR/ Note: Everything marked with (*) can be bought from the trainer! So don't stress buying them now.

You will need a lot of bag space for this, so i suggest you by all the materials and mail them to an alt, if you don't have one, make one and park it next to a post box, send all the materials, then just hit reply on your alt and all your materials will be in your post box ready to be picked up when needed.

**WARNING(number 2)**
The below list is a bare minimum, with you getting a skill point on pretty much every item crafted, even when yellow and not orange, so you can expect to have to buy a lot more mats then are listed below.


100Linen Cloth
20Bolt of Linen Clothor 40 more Linen Cloth
100Wool Cloth
25Bolt of Woolen Clothor 75 more Wool Cloth
80Silk Cloth
120Bolt of Silk Clothor 480 more Silk Cloth
50Mageweave Cloth
80Bolt of Mageweave Clothor 400 more Mageweave Cloth
135Bolt of Runeclothor 675 more Runecloth
150Netherweave Cloth
160Bolt of Netherweave Clothor 480 more Netherweave Cloth
75Bolt of Imbued Netherweave Clothor 1125 more Netherweave Cloth and 150 Arcane Dust
30Arcane Dust
30Netherweb Spider Silk
130Rugged Leather
20Knothide Leather
75Coarse Thread*
135Fine Thread*
5Grey Dye*
30Blue Dye*
60Red Dye*
45Silken Thread*
60Heavy Silken Thread*
85Rune Thread*

Step 2: Have a teleport to Shattrath(Ask a mage). Go to one of the inns and set your Heartstone. Now we are heading to Sanctum of the Sun in Shadowmoon Valley. If you don't have the FP you need to get running!

Leave Shattrath from one of its Eastern exits and start to follow the road east. If you haven't already got the Stonebreaker Hold (horde) or the Allerian Stronghold(Alliance) FP's, take the south fork in the road when at Tuurem and pick them up, if you have or are not interested, just keep following the road east, when the road forks again, take the southern fork, and continue into SMV.

Again if you want the FP's here, take the first road north you find for Shadowmoon Village(Horde) or take the first road south you find for Wildhammer Stronghold(Alliance).

Carry on along the road and you will eventually find the Sanctum of the Sun, just south of the road. Buy Imbued Netherweave Tunic (or robe) pattern from Arrond.

Use your hs to get to Shattrath again. If you have the flight path to Honor Hold/Thrallmar use it now. If not mount back up, leave Shattrath east and start following the road again, this time at the first fork, take the northern route into Hellfire, you will find the road disappears though, so just follow the map below. The blue routes are the optional horde FP's. I highly recommend getting the Falcon Watch FP though as it is the connecting FP between Shattrath and Thrallmar.

Step 3: Once you arrive find the Tailoring trainer (in the in for Horde) and start following the below guide!

1 - 50: Bolt of Linen Cloth

50 - 70: Linen Bag

70 - 75: Reinforced Linen Cape

75 - 105: Bolt of Woolen Cloth

105 - 110: Gray Woolen Shirt

110 - 125: Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders

125 - 145: Bolt of Silk Cloth

145 - 160: Azure Silk Hood

160 - 170: Silk Headband

170 - 175: Formal White Shirt

175 - 185: Bolt of Mageweave

185 - 205: Crimson Silk Vest

205 - 215: Crimson Silk Pantaloons

215 - 220: Black Mageweave Leggings/Black Mageweave Vest

220 - 230: Black Mageweave Gloves

230 - 250: Black Mageweave Headband/Black Mageweave Shoulders

250 - 260: Bolt of Runecloth

260 - 275: Runecloth Belt

275 - 300: Runecloth Gloves

--275 - 300--Alternative: Brightcloth Cloak

300 - 325: Bolt of Netherweave

Step 4: -Time to go to Shattrah, Lower City. Camp yourself outside Eiin and buy all of his recipes. You'll need to stay here until 375 because of the Mana Loom right next to him-
325 - 340: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave

340 - 350: Netherweave Boots

--350 - 375--Alternative: Bolt of Frostweave(goes grey at 375 but sinse you will need hundreds of them later, may as well make them while they give you skill points!)

350 - 360: Netherweave Tunic

360 - 375: Imbued Netherweave Tunic

Step 5: Pick up one of the 3 Tailoring specialization quests and go complete it, there rather easy but check the rewards of each specialization before you complete a quest!

That's it so far, ill try and add some farming spots if people want, as depending on your cash it might be easier / cheaper to farm, although with the amount of gold you can now make in the latest expansion, it might be more profitable (in a gold / hour) to just farm something else to sell and buy the mats needed!
p.s. Massive thanks to whoever originally posted this list, i take no credit for that, i simply updated it a bit =)