Lockpicking Guide

To many rogues, leveling that occasionally important Lockpicking skill, seems like a tedious task. And perhaps it is, but the Lockpicking skill comes in handy at several occasions. Opening locked chests to get relatively good items, or opening doors that would otherwise require a key, and so on.

The fastest way to level up your Lockpicking, is to open what is called Footlockers. These are found all around in various places in Azeroth, but I have cut down the list to a few places good to grind. At some locations, the mobs protecting the Footlockers have a chance to drop Lockboxes, while you can Pick Pocket other mobs for Junkboxes. The process of Lockpicking can be greatly hastened by using the Glyph of Pick Lock, which reduces the cast time of your Pick Lock abilitiy, which is the spell you use to open all lockers, doors and such. Dark Leather Gloves might also come in handy. It increases you lockpicking skill by 5, and this will make a difference whether you'll fail lockpicking a lock or not.

Pick Pocket Macros

As said you use Pick Pocket to snatch Junkboxes from mobs. So while pickpocketing mobs in an area, you may not always just want to Pick Pocket them, you may also want to kill them for a quest or whatever. This is where macros come in handy. It is a good relief to just be clicking at at one spell, the macro, instead of first clicking Pick Pocket and then your opening ability. While pickpocketing, it is a great benefit to have auto-loot on.

/use Sap
/use Pick Pocket

(This one is used not to engage the enemy, just making it easier to Pick Pocket the mob without being attacked.)

Cheap Shot
/use Pick Pocket
/use Cheap Shot

/use Pick Pocket
/use Ambush

/use Pick Pocket
/use Garrote

Leveling up 1-400

1 - 100

These levels may often, and easily, be done while leveling your Rogue. This especially goes for Alliance as they do the second part of their Lockpicking quest Alther's Mill at the same spot they train their Lockpicking. This is done at Alther's Mill in Redrige Mountains (52,45), lockpicking the Practice Lockboxes.

Hordes should level up these first hundred levels on the Buccaneer's Strongboxes located inside a black, anchored ship off the Merchant Coast in the Barrens (65,45). Blood Elves does also have, like the Alliance, the opportunity to link a class quest to leveling up Lockpicking. The quest Greed sends you off to the Amani Catacombs in the Ghostlands (66,28), where you will also level your Lockpicking on Burial Chests.

100 - 170

These next 70 levels enables both Alliance and Horde to run Lockpicking leveling and class quests parallel. The Alliance will use the Duskwood Chest situated within the tower at (70,74) in Westfall. You can route this with doing Klaven's Tower.

Horde will be going to the Sludge Fen in the Barrens (54,5), to picklock Gallywix's Lockbox in the tower there. Beware of the level 23 elite guarding the chest. The rogue class quests Deep Cover and Mission: Possible But Not Probable are done in this area.

170 - 225

Both factions will now for the first time, and from now on, train Lockpicking at the same location. In this case in Anger Fortress in Badlands (40,28). Within the fortress there are two types of Footlockers: Battered Footlockers and Dented Footlockers. The Dented Footlockers requires skill level 175 to open, and you will therefore start by lockpicking the Battered Foorlockers. The mobs at Angor Fortress are level 38-40, so you will most likely not be training here directly after skilling up at the previous place.

225 - 250

Next, you'll be going to Searing Gorge. Down in the Slag Pit in Searing Gorge (41,53), you will be pickpocketing Dark Iron mobs for Sturdy Junkboxes. These doesn't turn gray until level 275, so if you have some extras, you can still use them beyone level 250. Along with opening these, you'll be lockpicking Dented Footlockers. Here too there are two kinds of footlockers, just that this time, they both have the same name. One turns green at 250, the other at 275.

250 - 300

Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaguelands (76,74) hosts a great number of footlockers, and Heavy Junkboxes are abundantly pickpocketed from the level 53-60 elite mobs there. You will also find Scarlet Footlockers scattered around.

300 - 325

In Feralfen Village in Zangarmarsh (46,60) you can pickpocket mobs there for Strong Junkboxes, aswell as lockpicking the Wicker Chests, which typically spawn inside the huts in the village.

325 - 400

The very last place you'll be lockpicking footlockers is at Kil'sorrow Fortress in Nagrand (69,80). Here you will find Dented Footlockers. At this spot there isn't much to pickpocket for, so ignore that for now. Keep lockpicking at Kil'Sorrow Fortress until you are about level 375, then go on to Northrend and simply pickpocket Humanoids there for Reinforced Junkboxes as you progress through the continent. This is an example where pickpocket macros are useful.


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