WoW Chat Etiquette

Note: This is not a guide on gameplay, grouping, or guild Etiquette!

Thanks to Jame, Jiyambi, and requiem for sharing their ideas for the guide!

Proper etiquette is a more important part of WoW than many people may think. Being polite, typing correctly, and seeming intelligent can work wonders for your game experience (and other people's too!). This guide is intended to increase the amount of fun you have in WoW by improving your etiquette. Enjoy!




“Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

Being polite in World of Warcraft is like being polite in real life. If you are considerate and kind, people will return the favor (If not, I feel sorry for them!).

From the Brady Games Second Edition World of Warcraft Master Guide:

The more polite you are the more often questions are answered. Also, players tend to provide more information when they feel connected to the person asking the question. "Does anyone know if the Mo'Grosh Crystal is a shared drop? :)" will get more attention than "Is Mo'Grosh crystal shared?"

It may seem insignificant, but it is not. It's the same concept as someone saying "Excuse me" instead of "Move".


"OMFG XROADZ RAED U COMEE?!?!?1"- Various Fools

Typing well is a valuable skill because people may judge your intelligence based on how you type(Not just in wow...). You should try to think back to at least 3rd grade English when you learned how to capitalize and punctuate, it pays off.

However, when you are in a dungeon and the tank just botched the pull, healer died, or someone just disconnected in the middle of the fight,ect.: There is not enough time to to be picky about grammar. BUT U SHULD NEVAR EVAR TIPE L1EK THIZ LOLZOMGROFL!!!1!!!one

Here are some additions to this section from other wow-pro users:


1. When you're asking something from someone. Don't forget to say Please. Not plz, pls or PLZZ PLZ PLZ. That's ANNOYING. Just say "please". Honestly, you're asking someone a service and you can't even make the effort to type please fully?
2. Say "Thanks" or "thank you", not "thx" or "thz", or whatever else. Unless you're in a real hurry, spell the words properly and entirely. "THX" just shows laziness and ungratefulness.
3. When you ask a question, only ONE question mark is needed. You don't need to put 10 question mark, it's unnecessary and it's annoying.


"wer is first aid trainer??????????????????????" BAD
"Can someone please tell me where the first aid trainer is?" GOOD

4. It's not COOL to use numbers to replace letters. It wasn't cool 10 years ago, and it's even less cool nowadays.

This is bad: "any1 4 utgard keep?"
This is good: "Anyone for Utgarde Keep?"

And the list goes on:

Bad: "u" Good: "you"
Bad: "ur" Good: "your"
Bad: "ure" Good: "you're" or "you are"
Bad: "i need help" Good: "I need help"
Bad: "im ready" Good: "I'm ready"


In guild chat, trade, etc. I usually type exactly like I would on here - correctly. When whispering folks or even just in party chat, I often ignore capitals - I basically see it as a less formal situation so I drop 'em. Especially when you have close to 6 conversations going on at once, which is not uncommon as a guild leader Sticking out tongue "Leet speak" is pretty much never appropriate, as you explain (Except when making fun of it!Smiling)


I always try to use correct spelling, proper punctuation, and capitalization unless we're joking around in guild chat or I'm in the middle of the instance, there is no time to deal with punctuation and capitalization while trying to keep the tank alive! (although I do always try to use proper spelling, unless I'm using abbreviations like "lfm" "lfg" etc. Spelling things improperly on purpose is a real pet peeves of mine. If you know how to spell correctly, DO!).


I would love to see this guide get bigger so it can be more useful! Please leave a comment or send me a PM if you have information or advice that you think belongs in this guide, it will be GREATLY appreciated, and due credit will be given Eye

Constructive criticism is always welcome... please be nice.