[70-72] Eric's The Nexus guide

The Nexus is a 5-man instance located in Borean tundra (coldarra) in northrend. To get to Coldarra you will need to complete the quests in Amber ledge, if you start leveling in level 70 in borean tundra you will get to coldarra in the end of level 70 or level 71. There is alot of good quest in Coldarra. The Nexus will be one of the first instances you will meet in the new Northrend. The Nexus is very useful of the large amount of exp. and quest reward. When you have done the instance and complete the quests listen below, you will get around 5 superier item and alot of exp.


  • level 70 is minimum
  • level 71 is optimal, the mobs are 70-72
  • level 73 is maximum if you want get the best exp
  • level 76 is maximum or the quests will be grey

if you have completed all quests in Coldarra, skip this part

All these quests can be soloed in Coldarra And you will automatic get them if you quest through Coldarra.


  • TANK: Quest gear or old level 70 epic is needed, minimum is 12000 hp.
  • DPS: Quest gear from northrend focused on haste rating, attack power, spell power etc.

  • HEALER: Same here, quest rewards (from northrend) can do it, at least 850 spell damage, and 9000-10000 mana (a bit lower if the healer is specced).
all unbuffed

Okay, now to the instance!

The Nexus

Follow the red line at the map, until you reach the area marked with yellow. Grind you way right. Remember to loot the Crystalline Protector, Keeper, Tangler, Tender and Frayers. They will drop Arcane Splinter to [Quickening].


  • Crystalline Protector
    Hp: 75000
    Crystal Chain = slow you and deal 900 damage.
    Shard spray = 1500 arcane damage.

    Strategies: if there are any other mobs kill these big trees last beacuse of the large amount of Hp.

  • Crystalline Frayer
    Hp: 3500
    Aura of Regeneration = heals other mobs by 4% hp and 2% mana every 2 second.
    Ensnare = deal 20% weapen damage to you and slow you by 60% for 5 seconds.
    Crystal Bloom = increases the mobs damage done by 2%.

    Strategies: kill these mobs fast, they deal 500 damage on plate. Thats pretty as they spawn 2-3 at time.

  • Crystalline Tender
    Hp: 37000
    Toughen Hide = increases the mobs armor by 3000 and the mobs magic resistance for 15 seconds.
    Tranquility = heals the mobs and other mobs by 1400 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Crystalline Keeper
    Hp: 37000
    Crystal Bark = the mob makes a shield, dealing 200 damage every hit. also have a chance to slow you.
    Crystal Strike = the mob deal 120% weapen damage.

Keep following the red line and remember to turn right into Ormorok the tree-shaper (boss).
When you reach the boss buff up and be ready.

Hp: 192000

  • Crystal Spikes = 3500 damage and a knockback to all around the boss.
  • Frenzy = the boss wll deal double damage.
  • Spell Reflaection = absord all spells. 4 charges.
  • Trample = 2000 damage to all nearby.

    this boss is very simple and quiet easy. Let the tank pull. DPS' should try stay behind the boss, but not needed. The most important is to stay out of the Crystal Spike. You will see when he has casted it. A marked area with ice will apear and the tank will have to pull boss away from the area. The DPS' should follow. The boss will be down fast if all works well and he will drop one of those nice drops:
    Chiseled Stalagmite Pauldrons
    Greaves of the Blue Flight
    Drakonid Arm Blade

    PART 2
    Follow the red line back again and take the other way trough the passage. You should now stay at the entrance of The Rift. Grind you way up to the platforms at the right side. You will have to fight these mobs:


    • Chaotic Rift
      Hp: 16000
      Strategies: its very important to kill these mob FIRST. Chaotic Rift spawn often Crazed Mana-Wraith, if you dont kill Chaotic Rift, it will not stop spawning!
    • Crazed Mana-Wraith
      Hp 5500
    • Crazed Mana-Surge
      Hp 37000
      Mana burn = reduce a mana user with 1000 mana and deal a lamount of damage.
      Arcane Nova = 900 damage to all nearby.

    When your are at the first platform - go to the next. You should see Anomalus (boss).

    Hp: 192000

    • Spark = 2000 damage
    • Create Rift = Anomalus summons a Chaotic Rift
    • Rift Shield = Anomalus is immune to damage and channel the Chaotic Rifts
    • Charge Rifts = Anomalus improve attack range
  • Strategy
    The most important with this boss is to kill the Chaotic Rifts when he spawn them. When this happens, the tank will need to keep tanking Anomalus and the healer keep healing the tank. The DPS' will have to kill the Chaotic Rift three man (its pretty easy because of the low Hp). Anomalus not hit very hard so he is okay easy to tank.
    He will drop one of these rewards:

Gauntlets of Serpent Scales
Cleated Ice Boots
Tome of the Lore Keepers

When you have done the boss go to the edge of the platform and right click on Interdimensional Refabricator. You should now have completed [Postponing the inevitable].


Now follow the red line back again and take the line to left. Grind you way until you have pased The rift and are inside at the palace again.


  • Steward
    Hp: 37000
    Arcane Torrent: silence all in 10 yards for 4 seconds.
    Spellbreaker = reduce the damage done by spells by 75% and deal 100% weapen damage for 6 seconds.

  • Mage Hunter Initiate

    Hp: 37000
    Drain Mana = drain 100 over 5 seconds.
    Magic Burn = deal 1000 damage and 280 damage every 3 second for 21 seconds.
    Renew = heals a mob for 60 every 3 second for 15 seconds.

  • Mage Hunter Ascendant
    Hp: 37000
    Arcane explosion = 250 damage to all around Mage Hunter Ascendant.
    Aura of Arcane Haste = the mobs cast speed increased by 15% increase the nobs spell damage by 150.
    Rain of Fire = 168 damage per 3 seconds in 9 seconds in a marked area.
    Polymorth = transform you intoa sheep, the sheep cant attack for 8 seconds. break if damaged.
    Immolation Trap = a trap that deal 1000 damage over 10 seconds if you step on the trap.
    Frostbolt = inflict a little amount of damage and slow you for 4 seconds.
    Freezing Trap = freeze you for up to 20 seconds if you step on the trap. break if damaged.
    Fireball = 1200 fire damage. 3 seconds castime.
    Cone of Cold = inflict a little amount of damage and reduce your movement speed with 50% for 8 seconds.
    Arcane Trap = 2200 damage if you step on the trap.
  • Mage Slayer
    Hp: 37000
    Draw Magic = decrease the healing done by 225 of all players around Mage Slayer. also increase Mage Slayers damamge dealt by 50%.
    Spell Lock = Silence you for 4 seconds.
    Strategies: warlock can banish these mobs, its a nice help especially on heroic, these mobs hits 5000... get sure to catch on of them!

Fight you way down to the boss. NOTE: Kill the patrol that patrols at the passage.
When you have killed tha patrol and cleared the passage buff up and get ready for boss.

Hp: 124000
Mana: 49000

  • Firebomb = 1800 damage and you will jump around.
  • Ice Nova = 2400 frost damage and 3 seconds stun to all within 60 yards.

I dont use any strategy here, if you got any just leave a comment. This boss can be a little hard so its important to kill her fast. Sometimes she will cast Firebomb. You will be throwed to the air and back again a few times. Its not hit pretty much (around 100 damage per "jump") but it confuse a bit. Grand Magus Telestras Hp goes down fast if the DPS' got the recommended gear. She will drop one of these:

Insulating Bindings
Wand of Shimmering Scales
Belt of Draconic Runes

he strategy for Grand Magus Telestra is depending on your group setup. I usualy just have the tank tanking her were she stands and dps nuking her at start. When she split either you Crowd Control or nuke the frost one first (The blizzard hurts and healer will get out of mana quickly) then the fire one and last arcane. If your healer at this point is running low on mana. Don't kill last add just keep the arcane part tanked / CCd and let healer regain enough mana to make it through the fight.
this is just one of the endless stream of tactics for her and I don't say this is the best just that it never failed me before.

- Andre

Follow the line back and take the other way down at the tunnel. As Alliance you will meet Horde-enemies. As Horde you will meet Alliance-enemies.


  • Horde/alliance beserker
    Hp: 37000
    Bloodlust = icreases the mobs attack speed by 30% for 30 seconds.
    Frenzy = increase a casters attack speed by 15%. can stack.
    War stomp = normal damage plus 23 damage to all around the mob. knocking players back.
  • Horde/Alliance Cleric
    Hp: 37000
    Shadow word: Death = 1000 damage.
    Flash heal = Heal a mob by 400.
    Power word: Shield = absord damage up to 30 seconds.
  • Horde/Alliance Ranger
    Hp: 37000 abilities:
    Incendiary Shot = 1000 fire damage plus 200 fire damage every 3 second for 12 seconds. 1 second cast time.
  • Horde/Alliance Commander (only exist in normal mode)
    Hp: 74000 abilities:
    Battle Shout = increase other mobs attack power.
    Charge = charge a player, inflict normal damage plus 75 and stun for 2 seconds. Whirlwind = double damage to around the mob.
    Strategies: there isnt any here, but kill him last.

Hp: 337000

  • Battle Shout = increase other mobs attack power.
  • Charge = charge a player, inflict normal damage plus 75 and stun for 2 seconds.
  • Whirlwind = double damage to around the mob.
  • Frightening Shout = feared for 6 seconds.
Strategy: Just kill the other mobs around him, and kill the boss last.
he will drop one of these:
Emblem of Heroism
Cleric's Linen Shoes
Grips of Sculptured Icicles
Opposed Stasis Leggings
Cloak of the Enemy

When you have cleared the area remember to lot this:

for quest [Have They No Shame?]

Follow the red line to the last boss. You will only have to fight a few mobs.

Hp: 245000

  • Crystal Chains = 1600 damage and stunned for 10 seconds.
  • Crystalfire Breath = 2800 damage, slow you for 25% and dealing 5000 damage over 10 seconds.
  • Enrage = increase the mobs damage by 10% and 30% faster attack speed.
  • Intense Cold = deal damage over time and slow your attack speed.
  • Tail Sweep = 700 damage and knocking you back.

Well, this boss is more different than the ther bosses. The boss is frozen in ice and you can realese it if you press at one of the orbs. The tank will need to jump all the time and maybe the melee DPS' too. Intense cold start to deal 100-200 damage, but if you dont move (jump) that can easy get up and reach 9000-10000 damage. Its a hard boss and if you dont got the req. here you will wipe.
When you have killed the boss, the boss will drop one of these:
Band of Glittering Permafrost
Glacier Sharpened Vileblade
Attuned Crystalline Boots

[Prisoner of War]you will automatic get this quest completed when you killed the boss.

Hope you enjoy my guide Smiling

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