A collection of guides for the Paladin class, written by the wow-pro community.

Holy Paladin Helpdesk - 4.0.1 and Cataclysm

I am sure you are hearing a lot of horror stories about the new realms of healing in the upcoming patch, and may be worried about how your favorite class, the Holy Paladin, is going to be effected. In truth, so was I.

Fear not however, as Holy Paladin are still going to be a very competent and a much more well rounded healing class.

There are some things you need to know, however, and I will be going over these spells and talents with you in this guide, and offering my insight as I see it.

Before we get going I want to thank ranran90 for the pre 4.0.1 Holy Paladin Guide and I will most likely quote from that guide in certain places; fear not, credit will be given as I do so.

Table of Contents

  1. Holy Spells and Abilities
  2. Talents
  3. Glyphs

Spells and Abilities
As you may by now be aware, we only have 36 talent points as a level 80 character, and we get bonus talents and spells dictated by how many points we spend in a particular talent tree. Some of our spells are changed considerably. To make these changes more eye-catching I will color code the text to help point out the following:

Red - Totally new
Orange - Major Change
Green - Minor Change
Black - No Change
Blue - Change Tracker; Ways I see the spells as being changed.
Purple - Theory crafting; Ways / Situations I see a spell being used

(TT) indicates the spell is earned by spending points in a specific talent .

The following spells are ones obtained only through the Holy tree. There are many other spells that come from other talent trees.

  1. Aura Mastery
  2. Beacon of Light
  3. Cleanse
  4. Concentration Aura
  5. Divine Favor
  6. Divine Light
  7. Divine Plea
  8. Exorcism
  9. Flash and Holy Light
  10. Holy Shock
  11. Holy Wrath
  12. Light of Dawn
  13. Lay on Hands
  14. Meditation
  15. Redemption
  16. Seal of Insight
  17. Turn Evil
  18. Walk in the Light
  19. Word of Glory
  20. Illuminated Healing
  21. Holy Radiance

Aura Mastery (TT) - Instant Cast; 2 minute Cool down
Causes your Concentration Aura to make all affected targets immune to Silence and Interrupt effects and improve the effects of all other aura by 100% for 6 seconds

Beacon of Light (TT) - Instant Cast; 60yd range

The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your raid or party within a 60 yard radius. Each heal you cast on party members will also heal the Beacon for 50% of the amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts for 1.50 min.

The beacon only receives 50% healing now instead of 100%; this may significantly reduce our over healing. We may now also find ourselves directly healing the BOL; which sounds dumb, but with talent points, will generate the all new Holy Power.

Cleanse - Instant Cast; 40yd range

Cleanses a friendly target, removing 1 Poison effect and 1 Disease effect.

Cleanse and Purify have been combined to one spell. With talents, this will also be able to purge a Magic Effect also. I will do some research as if one cleanse will remove all debuffs at the same time, or if you have to cast the spell multiple times to remove multiple debuffs. My hope is this is not the case, if so we are spending a lot of global cool downs in a debuff intense fight.

Concentration Aura
All party or raid members within 40 yards lose 35% less casting or channeling time when damaged. Players may only have one Aura on them per Paladin at any one time.

Divine Favor (TT); Instant Cast; 3 Minute Cool down
Increases your spell casting haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec.

This replaces Divine Illumination. Divine Illumination reduced mana consumption by 50%. Now it seems we have a mini Heroism/Bloodlust all to ourselves. If this ability is popped at the same time as Heroism/Bloodlust I can imagine the effects will be violent Smiling

Divine Light; 40 yd range, 3 sec cast; 30% of base mana
A large heal that heals a friendly target. Good for periods of heavy damage.

This is a new direct heal that in my opinion replaces Holy Light as we know it now. It casts the same speed, it heals for about the same amount; so basically, this is out new big heal. (30% of your base mana, is basically the mana you would have if you was wearing no gear at all.)

Divine Plea - Instant Cast; 2min Cool down
You gain 10% of your total mana over 15 sec, but the amount healed by your healing spells is reduced by 50%.

They have slashed the mana regeneration again. Now it is only 10%. However with Glyphs this is increased to 15% By the looks of Divine Favor, you will almost certainly want to pop this at the same time as Divine Plea or during times of softer damage.

Exorcism - 30% of base mana, 30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast

Causes Holy damage to an enemy target. If the target is Undead or Demon, it will always critically hit.

Flash of Light & Holy Light

Flash of Light - 27% of base mana, 40 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
A quick, expensive heal that heals a friendly target for a modest amount.

Holy Light - 9% of base mana, 40 yd range, 3 sec cast
Heals a friendly target for a smaller amount.

Basically our two core skills are now totally changed.

So flash is a fast strong heal consuming a good amount of mana, and Holy Light is a small heal, very low mana cost, and slower. I have been thinking about this long and hard, because I was thinking, With Devine Light what possible use is a slow soft heal when we have Divine Light and Flash of Light. After really discussing this; Holy Light will be the top up spell which is greatly impacted by haste. So come Cataclysm I think Paladins will ultimately put a lot of stock into haste to use Holy light, in a similar way to who we currently use flash of light. What i think blizzard tried to do is to get rid of the spam flash mentality that some people have fallen into. We can no longer heal a nice fast soft heal made good by a ton of crit. I hope this provokes a lot of discussion in the comments.

In the general order of our direct cast heals:
Divine Light = Strongest heal, Slow and Mana Hungry (30% Base Mana)
Good For Spike Damage on multiple targets when used in conjunction with Beacon of Light

Flash of Light = Moderate heal, Fast and Mana Hungry (27% Base Mana)
Clutch heal for Spike Damage on a direct target. The benefits of this spell transferred onto your Beacon of Light target are good, but I would possibly use this spell to directly heal the beacon target (yes, actually placing a direct heal onto someone with beacon) in quick succession to generate quick charges of Holy Power.

Holy Light = Weaker heal, Slow (same as Divine Light) and Mana Generous (9% Base Mana)
Heal used for topping off raid members or tanks in periods of predictable and/or soft damage. It can be good in conjunction with Beacon of Light, IF the Beacon target is NOT your primary heal target. This heal may also be a great heal to use when under the effects of Heroism/Bloodlust, and/or Divine Favor, however not when using Divine Plea.

Holy Shock - 8% of base mana, 20(enemy)/40(friendly) yd range, Instant cast, 6 sec Cool down

Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing Holy damage to an enemy, or healing to an ally, and grants a charge of Holy Power.

This is a primary skill (tier 1) This spell is HEAVILY effected by a passive talent called Daybreak. In addition to that, you can also spec into a talent called Speed of Light and Infusion of Light, which Holy Shock will directly affect.

Holy Wrath - 20% of base mana, Instant cast, 15 sec Cool down
Sends bolts of holy power in all directions, causing Holy damage divided among all targets within 10 yds and stunning all Demons and Undead for 3 sec.

Light of Dawn (TT) - 21% of base mana, Instant cast, 30 sec Cool down
Send a wave of healing energy before you, healing yourself and all friendly targets up to 30 yards away for a smaller amount

This is an area of effect heal that heals for a little bit less than a holy shock.

Lay on Hands - 40 yd range, Instant, 10 min Cool down
Heals a friendly target for an amount equal to the Paladin's maximum health and restores some of their mana. If used on self, the Paladin cannot be targeted by Divine Shield, Divine Protection, Hand of Protection, or self-targeted Lay on Hands again for 2 min.

Meditation - Passive
Allows 50% of your mana regeneration from Spirit to continue while in combat.

This is what is known as a primary skill (tier 3). Issued when you spend X amount of talent points in the holy tree. We now use spirit as paladins in place of MP5

Redemption - 64% of base mana, 30 yd range, 10 sec cast
Brings a dead ally back to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.

Seal of Insight - 14% of base mana, Instant cast
Fills the Paladin with divine power for 30 min, giving each single-target melee attack a chance to heal the Paladin and restore 4% of the paladin's base mana. Only one Seal can be active on the Paladin at any one time.
Unleashing this Seal's energy will deal Holy damage to an enemy.

Seal of Light and Wisdom as we know it, have now been replaced and combined into Seal of Insight

Turn Evil - 9% of base mana, 20 yd range, 1.5 sec cast
The targeted undead or demon enemy will be compelled to flee for up to 20 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only one target can be turned at a time.

Walk in the Light - Passive
Increases the effectiveness of your healing spells by 10%.

This is no longer an ability you gain from directly spending a talent point. This is a primary skill that is earned upon spending X amount of talent points in the holy tree (tier 2)

Word of Glory - Instant; 40yard range; 1,2,3 Holy Power
Heals a friendly target for (a little less than holy shock) multiplied by the amount of Holy power charged.

This is a nice instant heal which is mana free. You basically have another instant heal, that can heal for the same amount as a Holy shock multiplied by the amount of charges (up to 3) of holy power you have.

Mastery - Illuminated Healing - Passive
Your healing spells also place an absorb shield on your target for a percentage of the amount healed lasting 6 sec. Each point of Mastery increases the absorb amount by an additional 1%

All heals will now also generate an absorb to replace the Sacred Shield, which is now gone. Mastery is a new statistic which is on gear which can be reforged (reduce a stat (Haste, Critical, Spirit) by 40% and swap it with another stat) From what I can tell you have mastery in a numerical form, but 400 master does not mean you place a 400% absorb shield. Mastery scales to a %, much like defense, hit rating, haste etc. and it is that % what constitutes as a point.

Holy Radiance (Cataclysm - Level 83: 40% of base mana, Instant cast, 1 min cool down)
Heals all friendly targets within 10 yards for a small amount every sec. Lasts 10 sec.

This by far has got to be one of the most exciting spells for a Holy Paladin. A raid-wide heal over time. The only drawback I see is that it requires the group to be in a 10 yard radius. To me this spell seems very much like a Druid's Tranquility

By now you have probably heard me mention passive tier abilities based on how many talent points you invest in your tree. And that means now more than ever we have a bunch of talents that causes proc effects. This will change the way we heal as Paladins in both pve and pve. Come patch Tuesday, undoubtedly one of the first things you will see is "Your talents have been reset" Read on for an idea of what you are going to be faced with.

The Primary Skills

As previously mentioned you will gain 4 abilities in the holy tree, just for investing points in the tree itself. These are Primary talents which Blizzard felt are a must have for someone within that talent tree. Here is how it works. When you see the screen above, click on the "View Talent Tree" button. This will bring your talent tree up in a more traditional presentation.

Line One:

On the first line we have three talents we can choose from:

A. Arbiter of the Light
Increases the critical effect chance of your Judgment and Templar's Verdict by 6%/12%

You can place 2 talent points here, obviously one increases the effect by 6%, the other by 12%. This seems to me that this effect is more geared toward PVP than anything else. As you will discover; Paladins in PVP have a lot more tools at their disposal encouraging them to do far more than just sit back and heal. Having talent points here may also be a great idea for leveling your paladin to 85 if you wish to level as Holy.

B. Protector of the Innocent
Casting any heal on a target including yourself, will grant a heal on yourself

This is like a mini beacon of light, but passive. Very self explanatory, but again, to me seems purely a PVP talent. This talent may have an advantage if Cataclysm contains raids where everyone takes regular ticking damage.

C. Judgment of the Pure
Your Judgment increases your casting and melee haste by 3%/6%/9% for 1 min.

Three talent points here and should be an essential choice for both PVP and PVE healers. Works much in the same way Judgment of the Pure does now.

To activate the 2nd line we HAVE to spend 5 points in the first line of the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 3 points in Judgment of the Pure, and 2 in Protector of the Innocent.

Line Two:

On the second line we have three talents we can choose from:
A. Clarity of Purpose
Reduces the casting time of your Holy Light and Divine Light spells by 0.15/0.35/0.5 sec.

You can place 3 talent points here, obviously one increases the effect by 0.15s, the other by 0.35s and the third 0.5s. As I mentioned earlier haste is becoming a huge part of the way we heal, and this talent provides faster casting times of two of our castable healing spells. This talent will be good for both PVE and PVP

B. Last Word
Gives your Word of Glory a 30%/60% increased critical chance when used on targets with 35% or less health.

2 Points here, you are going to be encouraged to use this on dying targets for a last ditch heal. I can see this talent having place in both PVE and PVP but I lean towards PVP more.

C. Blazing Light
Increases the damage of your Holy Shock and Exorcism by 10%/20%.

Two points here, and a definite PVP and leveling talent

To activate the 3rd line we HAVE to spend 5 points in the second line of the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 3 points in Clarity of Purpose, and 2 in Last word.

Line Three:

On the third line we have four talents we can choose from:
A. Denounce
Reduces the mana cost of Exorcism by 38%/75%. In addition, you have a 25%/50% chance when casting Holy Shock to make your next Exorcism spell instant and cost no mana.

You can place 2 talent points here. This talent will be good for both PVP and leveling as Holy

B. Divine Favor
Increases your spell casting haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec.

1 Points here, you are going to be encouraged to use this when in intense healing situations, or to help counteract the diminished healing effect of divine plea. I can see this talent having place PVE and PVP battlegrounds, but is see it as essential PVE more.

C. Infusion of Light (dependency of Speed of Light)
Your Holy Shock critical hits reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light by 0.75/1.5 sec.

Two points here, and an all round must have for PVE, PVP and leveling talent. This also must be chosen if you wish to use Speed of Light.

D. Daybreak
Your Flash of Light, Holy Light and Divine Light have a 10%/20% chance to make your next Holy Shock not trigger a cool down if used within 12 sec.

You can place 2 talent points here. This talent provides more instant heal potentials. This talent will be good for both PVE and PVP healing. Chain Abilities (those which trigger the need to use a 2nd spell to be 100% effective) now include an alert/screen flash. Below is an example of a Daybreak proc. As you can see, the golden angelic wings let you know when this effect is active. It will stay on the screen until you either complete the chain ability, or the 12s expire

To activate the 4th line we HAVE to spend 5 points in the 3rd line of the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 1 points in Devin Favor 2 in Infusion of Light, and 2 in Daybreak.

Line Four:

On the fourth line we have four talents we can choose from:

A. Enlightened Judgments
Grants hit rating equal to 50%/100% of any Spirit gained from items or effects, and increases the range of your Judgment by 10 yards. In addition your Judgment instantly heals you for a small/medium amount.

You can place 2 talent points here. This talent excellent for PVP and leveling as Holy. Personally this is something I would omit from a PVE healing build.

B. Beacon of Light (dependency of Tower of Radiance)

This is explained in more depth in the Spell section, however a quick note is that it heals holder of Beacon for 50% instead of 100%. Also directly healing your beacon generates Holy power. More because of the talent this unlocks this is a must have talent.

C. Speed of Light (dependant of Infusion of Light)
Casting Holy Shock grants 5%/10%/30% spell haste for your next Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light, and casting Holy Radiance grants you 10%/20%/60% movement speed for 4 sec. Also lowers the cool down on Holy Radiance by 10/20/30 sec at all times.
Three points here, and an all round must have for PVE, PVP and leveling talent. This is a power talent and does a massive amount for a player in all arenas of play. To spec this talent you must also chose infusion of Light.

D. Sacred Cleansing
Your Cleanse spell now also dispels 1 Magic effect.

You can place 1 talent points here. This talent is very powerful and has great potential in PVE and PVP healing.

To activate the 5th line we HAVE to spend 5 points in the 4th line of the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 1 points in Beacon of Light 3 in Speed of Light, and 1 in Sacred Cleansing.

Line Five:

On the fifth line we have three talents we can choose from:
A. Conviction
Gives you a 1%/2%/3% bonus to damage and healing for 15 sec after causing a critical effect from a weapon swing, spell, or ability. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

You can place 3 talent points here. This talent excellent for PVP, PVE and leveling as Holy. This proc is amazing and speaks for itself. You can have up to 9% bonus healing if you crit 3 times in quick succession. This will add a major boost when using Divine Favor and Under the effects of Bloodlust/Heroism. It is also a great proc to have running in the times you need to use Divine Plea

B. Aura Mastery

This is explained in more depth in the Spell section. This talent remains unchanged in 4.0.1

C. Paragon of Virtue
Reduces the cool down of your Devine Protection by 10/20sec and the cool down of your Avenging Wrath by 30/60sec.

Two points here, and an all round good talent for PVE, PVP and leveling talent. Reduced timers on clutch cool downs are always a good thing.

To activate the 6th line we HAVE to spend 5 points in the 5th line of the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 6 points this tier, maxing out all talents.

Line Six:

On the sixth line we have two talents we can choose from:
A. Tower of Radiance (dependant on Beacon of Light)
Healing the target of your Beacon of Light with Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light has a 33%/66%/100% chance to generate a charge of Holy Power.

You can place 3 talent points here. This talent excellent for PVP, PVE and leveling as Holy. The generation of Holy power allows you to use mana free abilities

B. Blessed Life
You have a 50%/100% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power whenever you take direct damage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds.

You can place 2 talent points here. This talent excellent for PVP and leveling as Holy. In PVE I do not think it will be as common to reap the rewards from the talent, but the generation of Holy power allows you to use mana free abilities

To activate the 7th line we HAVE to spend at least 30 points in the Holy tree. In my View of PVE healing, I have selected 3 points in Tower of Radiance, and Two in Blessed Life. If I find myself taking little direct damage, I may respec 2 points into Enlightened Judgments for the extra distance on Judgment.

Line Seven:

On the last line we have one talent:

Light of Dawn
Send a wave of healing energy before you, healing yourself and all friendly targets up to 30 yards away for small amount.

This is one of the kinds of heals that Paladins have not yet fully enjoyed. An AOE heal. This talent is probably going to benefit PVE healing more so than anything, but for an Instant cast, it's certainly no small contender in PVP either.

As you can see, we have 4 remaining unspent talent points. Once you have specced on the 7th line of Holy, you can start using points in other trees. And there are some talents in the other trees you should seek. The first is in the Protection Tree.

For our supplemental talent points; I suggest:
A. Divinity - Protection Tree
Increases all healing done by you and all healing effects on you by 2%/4%/6%.

You can place 3 talent points here. This talent excellent for PVP and PVE healing. As a passive ability, I find this essential and am sad they did not keep this Talent in Holy, as was originally proposed.

B. Eternal Glory - Protection Tree
Your word of Glory has a 15/30% chance not to consume holy power.

This is more for PVP Damage and Leveling, as PVE healers only get one spell that consumes Holy power. As that spell is on a cool down longer than the life of Holy power, PVE healers do not want this at level 80.

C. Crusade - Protection Tree
Increases the damage of your Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous and Templar's Verdict by 10/20/30% and the damage and healing of your Holy Shock by 10/20/30%

At 80 I would suggest PVE healers put 1 points here, seems as Holy Shock assisted by Daybreak is a very tasty spell to use, having 20% extra to a double barreled Holy Shock will be very nice for healing. It wont be that bad for PVP healing or Holy DPS either.

So as a good solid build for PVE healing between patch day and Cataclysm, here is what I recommend;

Once you choose your talents, be sure to hit the "Learn" as this will lock your points in. A much called for feature of 4.0.1 is error proof talent trees. You can left click to add a talent, and right click to remove a talent. Once you hit "Learn" it locks your choice in. Word of warning; it cost me 52g to respec a locked talent tree in 4.0.1 PTR; so be very clear on your tree before you lock it.


The Glyph system has been changed. When you open your talent tree you will notice a tap that says "Glyph" upon clicking the button you will see something like this:

Minor Glyphs and Major Glyphs remain the same in terms of functionality. We now have Prime Glyphs as well. Here is a list of all the Glyphs availible to Palidins of all spec. I have highlited the ones in RED that I feel will be best served on a PVE Holy Paladin.


Crusader Strike - Increases the critical strike chance of Crusader Strike by 5%.
Divine Favor - Increases the duration of Divine Favor by 10 sec.
Exorcism - Your Exorcism causes an additional 20% of its damage over 6 sec.
Hammer of the Righteous - Increases the damage of both the physical and Holy components of Hammer of the Righteous by 10%.
Holy Shock - Increases the critical effect chance of Holy Shock by 5%.
Judgement - Your Judgement deals 10% more damage.
Seal of Insight - While Seal of Insight is active, the effect of your healing spells is increased by 5%.
Seal of Truth - Your Seal of Truth also grants 10 expertise while active.
Shield of the Righteous - Increases the damage of Shield of the Righteous by 10%.
Templar's Verdict - Increases the damage of Templar's Verdict by 15%.
Word of Glory - Increases the healing done by Word of Glory by 10%.


Ascetic Crusader - Reduces the mana cost of your Crusader Strike by 30%.
Beacon of Light - Increases the duration of Beacon of Light by 30 sec.
Cleansing - Reduces the mana cost of your Cleanse by 20%.
Consecration - Increases the duration and cooldown of Consecration by 20%.
Dazing Shield - Your Avenger's Shield now also dazes targets.
Divine Plea - Your Divine Plea provides an additional 5% of your total mana.
Divine Protection - Removes the physical damage reduction of your Divine Protection, but increases the magical damage reduction by 20%.
Divinity - Your Lay on Hands grants twice as much mana as normal and also grants you as much mana as it grants your target.
Focused Shield - Your Avenger's Shield hits 2 fewer targets, but for 30% more damage.
Hammer of Justice - Increases your Hammer of Justice range by 5 yards.
Hammer of Wrath - Reduces the mana cost of Hammer of Wrath by 100%.
Hand of Salvation - Hand of Salvation no longer permanently reduces threat over time but instead reduces all threat as long as Hand of Salvation lasts.
Holy Wrath - Your Holy Wrath now also stuns Elementals and Dragonkin.
Light of Dawn - Reduces the cooldown of Light of Dawn by 10 sec and the amount healed by 20%.
Long Word - Your Word of Glory heals for 50% less up front, but provides an additional 50% healing over 6 sec.
Rebuke - Reduces the mana cost of Rebuke by 100%.
Turn Evil - Reduces the casting time of your Turn Evil spell by 100%, but increases the cooldown by 8 sec.


* Blessing of Kings - Reduces the mana cost of Blessing of Kings by 50%.
* Blessing of Might - Reduces the mana cost of your Blessing of Might by 50%.
* Insight - Reduces the mana cost of Seal of Insight by 50%.
* Justice - Reduces the mana cost of Seal of Justice by 50%.
* Lay on Hands - Reduces the cooldown of your Lay on Hands spell by 2 min.
* Righteousness - Reduces the mana cost of Seal of Righteousness by 50%.
* Truth - Reduces the mana cost of Seal of Truth by 50%

That's all for now folks.

Part 2 is Now Available

Pre-Raid Holy Paladin Gear Guide

This guide is on how to gear your fresh faced level 80 Paladin, ready for healing Naxx and beyond (eventually)!


  1. Talents and Glyphs

  2. Gear

  3. Gems

  4. Enchants

  5. Tips

Talents and Glyphs

I would recommend going for this talent build. The reason for the choices in Protection and Retribution is that 3% more crit is worth more than 3% more healing, also this build allows you to take the greater blessings which are really useful. The talents in the upper end of the holy tree are not set in stone. Some people prefer to take Aura Mastery and Improved Concentration Aura instead of Improved Lay on Hands and Improved Blessing of Wisdom.

Judgements of the Pure is a key talent now because the majority of our heals are not instant cast. I cannot tell you how much fast Holy Lights help. I suggest that you make a Judgement Macro (thanks to fayne selph for this) and bind it to an easy to reach key (i.e. button 1):

#showtooltip Judgement of Light
/cast [target=mouseover,nomodifier,exists] Judgement of Light; [help] Judgement of Light

This will cast Judgement of Light on the target that your mouse is over (or party members target). I would also suggest making another macro (the same one) but for Judgement of Wisdom, this is useful for when people are starting to run low on mana.

Another option for a Judgement macro is this one which I have been using for quite a while now:

#showtooltip Judgement of Light
/cast [harm] [target=targettarget, harm] Judgement of Light
/stopmacro [target=focus,noexists]
/cast !Attack
/cast Attack
/target focus

A bit long winded I know, but it works. It will cast Judgment of Light on your target if it is hostile, if it is not then it will cast it on your targets target (generally the tanks target) and then select the tank again for you to continue healing. This works as long as the tank is set as your focus.

You have a choice when using Judgements of the Pure whether to judge often enough to keep the buff on you, or judge more often to keep the debuff on the monster. For 5 mans I generally just judge often enough to keep the 15% haste, and in 10 and 25 mans judge more often as there is generally small amounts of AOE flying around and this keeps people topped off. However do not judge during a damage spike, this will use up a Global Cooldown and mean you cannot cast a heal during this time.

The Glyphs are shown on the right hand side of the wowhead page, and they mostly come down to personal choice. Especially after the nerf to the Holy Light Glyph (it now cannot crit). However if you are unsure then the ones that I have selected are great Eye.

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So you have just decided you want to help heal the injured and play a vital role in raiding. But which stats to go for? Generally I use the following rule:

Intellect > Spell Power > Critical Strike Rating > Mana per 5 Seconds

Intellect is our best stat, it increases our Spell Power (because of Talents), Mana Pool and our Spell Critical Strike Chance.

Whether the armor is plate, leather, mail or cloth it does not really matter, however the items have been created such that plate is the best choice for you, to be honest who else is plate healing gear made for!

I have tried to give the best 4 options per slot. I have also put a dot by the piece of gear that I think is the best in slot before raiding.

In addition to these items it is also good to go on Vault of Archavon runs as they are not too hard and have a chance to drop really nice tier items.

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Battlemap Hide Helm which drops from Prince Keleseth in Heroic Utgarde Keep.

  • Helm of Purified Thoughts which is reward from becoming Exalted with the Argent Crusade.

    Helmet of the Constructor which drops from Skarvald the Constructor in Heroic Utgarde Keep.

    Brilliant Titansteel Helm which is made by blacksmiths.

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    Lattice Choker of Light which costs 25 Emblems of Heroism.

  • Titanium Spellshock Necklace which is made by Jewelcrafters.

    Amulet of the Spell Flinger which drops from Amanitar in Heroic Ahn'kahet.

    Sky Sapphire Amulet which is made by Jewelcrafters.

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    Dark Runic Mantle which can be bought of the Auction House or is a random drop in Halls of Stone.

  • Ferocious Pauldrons of the Rhino which drop from Gortok Palehoof in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.

    Mantle of Discarded Ways which drops from King Ymiron in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.

    Ornate Saronite Pauldrons which are made by Blacksmiths

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    Revenant's Breastplate which is made by Leatherworkers.

    Arcane Flame Altar-Garb which drops from Gal'darah in Heroic Gundrak

  • Patina-Coated Breastplate which can be bought of the Auction House or is a random drop in Halls of Stone.

    Scaled Amor of Drakos which drops from Drakos the Interrogator in Heroic Oculus.

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  • Wispcloak which is made by Tailors.

    Deathchill Cloak which is also made by Tailors.

    Shroud of Moorabi which drops from Moorabi in Heroic Gundrak.

    Reanimator's Cloak which can be bought of the Auction House, or is a zone drop in Drak'Tharon Keep.

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  • Flamebeard's Bracers which drop from Anub'arak in Heroic Azjol Nerub.

    Bone-Framed Bracers which can be bought off the Auction House (or they drop off Noth or Gluth in Naxxramas 10).

    Bindings of Yearning which again can be bought off the Auction House.

    Catalytic Bands which drop off of Mage-Lord Urom in Heroic Oculus.

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    Gauntlets of Shattered Pride which cost 10 Champion's Seal from the Argent Tournament in Icecrown.

  • Grips of Sculptured Icicles which drop from Commander Kolurg in Heroic Nexus.

    Cracked Epoch Grasps which drop from Chrono-Lord Epoch in Heroic Culling of Stratholme.

    Fiery Obelisk Handguards which drop from Herald Volazj in Heroic Ahn'kahet.

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    Ghostflicker Waistband which is a reward from becoming Exalted with the Kirin Tor.

  • Magroth's Meditative Cincture which costs 40 Emblems of Heroism.

    Girdle of the Warrior Magi which is a reward from becoming Revered with the Kirin Tor.

    Girdle of Ice which drops from Ormorok the Tree-Shaper in Heroic Nexus.

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  • Leggings of Protective Auras which drops from the chest after defeating Ley-Guardian Eregos in Heroic Oculus.

    Standard Issue Legguards which are a reward from becoming Honored with the Argent Crusade.

    Legs of Physical Regeneration which drop from Trollgore in Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep.

    Crenelation Leggings which drop from Skadi the Ruthless in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.

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  • Poignant Sabatons which drops in Naxxramas, but can be bought of the Auction House.

    Brilliant Titansteel Treads which are made by Blacksmiths.

    Titan-forged Greaves of Salvation which are a reward from Wintergrasp, which cost 15 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor.

    Mojo Frenzy Greaves which drops from Moorabi in Heroic Gundrak.

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  • Titanium Spellshock Ring which is made by Jewelcrafters.

  • Signet of Hopeful Light which is a reward from becoming Exalted with the Argent Crusade.

    Annhylde's Ring which drops from Ingvar the Plunderer in Heroic Utgarde Keep.

    Band of Guile which drops in the chest that appears after defeating Mal'ganis in Heroic Culling of Stratholme.

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  • Je'Tze's Bell which is a random world drop, and can be bought off the Auction House.

    Darkmoon Card: Illusion which is made from the Darkmoon Prisms Deck which can be bought off the Auction House.

  • The Egg of Mortal Essence which can be bought for 40 Emblems of Heroism.

    Forge Ember which drops off of Sjonnir The Ironshaper in Heroic Halls of Stone.

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  • War Mace of Unrequited Love which drops off of Keristraza in Heroic Nexus.

    Titansteel Guardian which is made by Blacksmiths.

    Gavel of the Brewing Storm which is a reward from becoming Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord.

    Jeweled Coronation Sword which drops from King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle.

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  • Protective Barricade of the Light which costs 35 Emblems of Heroism.

    Tor's Crest which drops from King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle.

    Facade Shield of Glyphs which drops from Krik'thir the Gatewatcher in Heroic Azjol-Nerub.

    Tharon'ja's Aegis which drops from The Prophet Tharon'ja in Drak'Tharon Keep.

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  • Libram of Renewal which costs 15 Emblems of Heroism.

    Venture Co. Libram of Mostly Holy Deeds from Dailys in Grizzly Hills.

    Unfortunatly all of the other Librams either require PvPing or Raiding to obtain.

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    For all yellow slots, and all other in which the set bonus is not worth getting put Brilliant Autumn's Glow, this is because Intellect is the best stat for us as explained above.

    If you have a red slot with a good set bonus, then put a Runed Scarlet Ruby in there.

    Again, if you have a blue slot with a set bonus worth getting, or you need it to make your Meta Gem work, then put a Dazzling Forest Emerald in, as this is just about the best you can do with that slot.

    If you need a Meta Gem then I would recommend that you go for Insightful Earthsiege Diamond, I am not sure of the maths, but some guys over at Elitist Jerks calculate that it is the best for us. A slightly cheaper alternative, and not that much worse is Ember Skyflare Diamond.

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    These are in order; the best one if at the top, and the 'worst' at the bottom. I would advise enchanting all of your gear with at least the 'worst' enchant you can get, this works in two ways:

    Makes it seem as though you put some effort into your gear.
    Improves your performance (every little helps Eye )

    Generally the best enchant will cost the most, it's a case of you get what you pay for, however it is worth it.

    The enchants that are from Enchanters can either be obtained by buying a scroll off the Auction House, or by getting the materials to an enchanter and having them enchant it directly. Generally it is cheaper if you get the materials to the enchanter because people pay a premium for the ease of buying a scroll. If this is not the case then I will mention where to get it from.

    Of course if you are an enchanter/leatherworker/inscriber then you should be using your proffessions special armor modifiers: Enchant Ring - Greater Spellpower, Fur Lining - Spell Power or Master's Inscription of the Storm.


    Arcanum of Burning Mysteries from Revered with the Kirin Tor.
    Arcanum of Blissful Mending from Revered with Wyrmrest Accord.
    Arcanum of Dominance which costs 40 Stone Keeper's Shards from Wintergrasp.


    Greater Inscription of the Storm from Exalted with the Sons of Hodir.
    Lesser Inscription of the Storm from Honored with the Sons of Hodir.
    Inscription of Dominance which costs 30 Stone Keeper's Shards from Wintergrasp.


    Powerful Stats
    Super Stats
    Exceptional Mana


    Greater Speed


    Superior Spellpower
    Exceptional Intellect
    Greater Spellpower

    (although Exceptional Intellect and Greater Spellpower pretty much equivilent).


    Exceptional Spellpower
    Greater Blasting
    Major Spellpower


    Sapphire Spellthread
    Azure Spellthread (it is only above the ones below because it it's materials are slightly more easy to come by these days)
    Runic Spellthread/Golden Spellthread


    Greater Vitality
    Icewalker (for the Critical Strike Rating)


    Mighty Spellpower
    Exceptional Spellpower


    Greater Intellect

    (I'm afraid there aren't any real alternatives to this)

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    • Start healing the easier heroics/normals first to get the hang of it (and more gear) before moving on to the harder ones.

    • Make friends with good tanks, they are like diamonds; rare and worth keeping track of!

    • If you are going to be raid healing download an addon such as Healbot or Grid (healbot is easier to set up and use intially but Grid has more functionality), these will make healing a lot easier. If you do not then use F1, F2, F3 etc. to target your party members and either click heals or keybind them, this will make your healing much faster and better.

    • Download Pally Power, it will make your life a lot easier when buffing (it means you can rebuff a whole class with just one click in a little window).

    • Do the daily heroics when you can, it is not only easier to find members, but you will gain more Emblems of Heroism.

    • Think up some healing priorities on group members, i.e. tank is first priority, then you, then the dps (usually in order of DPS or Crowd Control abilities). If one of the dps dies it may not wipe you, however if the tank dies you almost certainly will!

    • Use the Beacon of Light on the tank when there is damage flying around, hitting you or the dps. If there is a dps or offtank that is taking 'Cleave'-esque damage then put it on them so you do not have to worry about keeping them up.

    • Have fun!

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    And that concludes my guide, good luck!

  • Paladin : Do you want to level one?

    Hello there, and thanks for looking at my first guide! I hope this will help you learn something about whether or not you want to be a part of the Paladin community - or at the least entertain you!

    The first thing that you will notice about this guide is that it's basic. I have absolutely *no* idea what I'm doing with regards formatting here - hopefully people will give me hints, tips and so on but for the time being... wall of text!

    Anyway, I have decided to write this because I want to contribute to the WoWPro community, and Paladins by and large are the only class I know how to level properly. (Apart from Hunters, but who needs information about those Sticking out tongue )

    Right, so you've created a Paladin.
    Oh wait...

    You're stuck on the character creation screen!!! This happens to all of us, all the time. Which race to choose, I hear you say! Well, here's a quick review of them all and their pros and cons for me. I will also consider how good the racials are, with regards the Paladin class.

    Horde Races

    Ok, so you've gone Horde. You have one option - Blood Elf. A pretty cool race for me, a good choice if you like what is almost a Human look, but on the Horde side.

    Arcane Torrent

    "Silences all enemies in an 8 yard radius around the Blood Elf for 2 seconds.

    Classes with mana bars (Mages, Hunters, Priests, and Warlocks) will regain 6% of their total mana."

    This is a viable trait for a Paladin. The silence is useable in both PvE and PvP - more so in PvP but still extremely useful in a PvE situation (Kurzen's Compound, anyone?)

    The mana regain is also very good - it could very well mean the difference between life and death!

    Alliance Races

    Ahh, trusty Alliance. My choice here - but only because all of my friends play it. I'd much rather be Horde to be honest! The characters are so much more badass! Anyway, I digress...


    So you have chosen the noble Draenei, a good choice. A tall race, a bit octopus - looking but still...

    Gift of the Naaru

    Quite simply a fantastic racial. It is a 1.5 second cast heal over time (HOT) which heals you for a total of 7+(3x your level). Don't worry too much about this - just know that it heals for a lot, quickly! (15 seconds to be exact). I hear what you're saying - "But I'm a Paladin, I can already heal!"
    Remember - you have no HOT's - and it doesn't cost mana. This is important for a Paladin (again, cover mana issues later!)

    Heroic Presence

    This is a really useful racial. It adds a 1% hit, which effects both spells and melee - when you get to higher levels, fighting raid bosses and so on this is a very useful percentage.


    Dwarf, one of my favourite races. They just look amazing, have a look at this Dwarf Paladin in Tier 5 Armor.
    Anyway, here are their racials (or the useful ones at least!)


    Stoneform is a pretty cool racial. As in, arguably the best PvP racial in the game!!!
    It increases your armor, making you get hit for less. It also removes all poisons, diseases, and bleeding - and then makes you immune to them for the next 8 seconds! Cast this and just /lol at that Rogue! Then pound his face in.

    Mace Specialization

    This is handy - in the Dwarven starter area you will be using a mace of some sort, and likely to use them in the future. Don't overlook this. This will remove some of those annoying "" rotations I have noticed a lot with Paladins.

    Last but not least, the noble Humans!

    The Human is an aesthetically pleasing Race. They look - how to phrase this - normal! This isn't for everyone, but if you don't enjoy a short character, one with Octupus tentacles on his face or an Elf, this race is for you - and it's racials, some believe, are among the best in the game.


    Pretty simple here. Diplomacy is a racial effect which increases the reputaion gained by 10%. Of course, you're going to be following guides from this website - all of which are the best there are Sticking out tongue
    You will be doing a lot of questing, and as I'm sure you know all quests (or most!) offer Reputation as well as material rewards. This goes towards being able to buy mounts, armor, weapons and other great items - and as such is important later on. Some people even take to grinding certain enemies for days on end for pure reputaion! So, basically - an amazing racial. Useful!


    A pretty handy PvP trait here, allowing you to see stealthed targets easier. It works out at about 1 level.

    Every Man for Himself

    A very useful PvP trait - but also for the occassional PvE encounter. This allows you to break free of any movement impairing effects - it is essentially a trinket in disguise. It sadly shares a cooldown with one, but this still remains a great trinket slot - freeing spell.

    Mace and Sword specialization

    Do I really have to explain this one? Your expertise with all Swords and Maces is increased by 3. You hit more often. Enough said!!! As a Paladin this definately helps, as I mentioned earlier.

    Again, I'll mention how awesome I think Dwarf Paladins look - and this is the only reason you should pick a race. Don't pick one based purely on racial abilities - if you're a hardcore raider you aren't going to be reading this guide anyway! If you're going to look at the behind of a series of pixels for 80 levels, ensure you like the look at least Eye

    So you've made it this far, and you've created a Paladin.
    OOPS, my bad...

    You're stuck at the naming process!!!
    This, of course, should only be a problem if you play on an RP- Role Play - server (homage here to my old server, the Sha'tar, and my favorite Guild the Stonefoot Clan. Good luck guys!)
    Of course, there are many name generators you could choose, but originality feels best. Try and think of a name that suits your playing style - are you a good Paladin, or have you rejected the light? What are your reasons, as a character, for playing? What's your back story - are you from a wealthy family, or are you a 'rags to riches' type? The possibilities are endless!!

    Welcome to World of Warcraft! Head on over to Irwezsh's fantastic Paladin Guide to learn everyrthing about leveling up your new class! What's that? You don't know what you're doing? Well, lucky you. You're part of a great community here, and as such you have all the help you could ever need! Here are links to the old guides, viewable on the net, for you old fasioned types -

    Alliance Leveling guides, 1-80
    Horde Leveling Guides, 1-80

    And for you who like to be 'up and modern' - and I would strongly advise you use this - the in game leveling guides. These are amazing - they tell you where to go, what to do, how to do it and where to go back to turn everything in. What more could you possibly want?!

    Alliance and Horde In-Game Leveling Guides, 1-80 (Some guides are as of yet incomplete.)

    Finally, I'd like to give unrequited thanks to Jame and Snowflake, the two people who have helped me arduously level my Horde and Alliance characters through tough times. (Fantastic alliteration, I think you'll agree Smiling )

    Holy Paladin Helpdesk 2 - Pre-raiding in Cataclysm

    Base Stats Theory : Pre-Raid Gear : Enchanting : Gems


    As promised I have a more detailed guide of Holy Paladin Healing. This is part 2 of the help desk which I first launched in 4.0.1 times.  Much of this guide is based on the research and therory crafting from David Lohmeyer who is the creator of;  content and quotes from this guide are used WITH PERMISSION from David, who I extend my deepest thanks to.


    Gone!  Gone are the days of mindlessly ignoring our gem slot bonuses and spamming INT harder than a diamond under an 18 wheeler (sort of).  We now have some new stats that crept their way into our lives. Her are the5 go-to stats for holy paladins.

    Intellect - Spirit - Haste - Mastery - Critical 

    Intellect - Primary

    Intellect is still our strongest stat, but it needs to be used in fine balance with spirit.  Intellect will offer better Healing Per Second as it combines the effects of a greater mana pool, as well as strength of heals (formerly known as spell power)  Importantly, we need to be strategically using Divine Plea / Replenishment effects from other classes in accordance to a higher level of INT as the regeneration will be greater.  INT should still be the stat we are Gemming for PROVIDED we don't waste good socket bonuses.

    Spirit - Primary/Secondary (It's confused) Important, none the less

    Spirit, the Stat formerly known as MP5. This is a VERY essential stat, and the idea is we need to be at such a level of spirit that when we use our core spells (Holy Shock, Holy Light and Word of Glory) Our mana should hardly deplete.  The ideal number you want to seek to enter raids is about 2300-2500 with buffs.  As holy paladins we will be using more than the three previously mentioned spells, but the idea here is that the 2300-2500 spirit will allow us to use our mana pool more for our bigger heals (Divine Light, Flash of Light, Cleanse, Holy Radience) without inhibiting our ability to use the core spells.

    Haste - Secondary

    Haste is the top dog for itemization stats, or secondary stats. The more haste we have gives us a high chance to proc Daybreak.  With more Daybreak procs we can use an extra Holy Shock per cooldown (sperated with a global CD).  A lot of people worry about Haste inhibiting mana, but if we are smart, the quicker generation of holy power will mean we are using mana free heals much more commonly than we would with lesser haste.

    Mastery - Secondary

    Mastery is going to be handy when it is readily provided with gear, or has a great amount of it proc via a trinket effect (For Example - Mandala of Shifting Patterns), but I just can not justify it's usefulness via gems and enchants.  For mastery to be great, we need a LOT to be overly effective.  It is not a dead dog, but is in no way superior to haste.

    Crit - Secondary

    Crit does not boost out regeneration like it used to, so Critical has been numbed a LOT for us.  A definite one to chose to reforge out of if you feel the need to boost Spirit or Haste.  Crit isn't useless however, as bigger heals are nice, but just an impractical stat to go gaga over.


    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic

    Head#1: Specialized Bio-Optic Killshades Engineering Craftiness (BOP)
    #2: Crown of the Blazing Sun Justice Badges
    #3: Helm of Untold Stories (Heroic) Shadowfang Keep - SFK
    #4: Lunar Halo (Heroic) Vortex Pineapple
    #5: Stormforged Helm Blacksmithing Craftiness (BOE)

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic


    Neck#1: Quicksilver Amulet (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns
    #2a: Celadon Pendant Justice Points
    #2b: Amulet of Tender Breath (Heroic) Vortex Pineapple
    #4: Winking Eye of Love (Not active, will be in SFK for the Valentines Day event)

    #5:Yellow Smoke Pendant Dragonmaw Rep

    #5:Lightning Flash Pendant Wildhammer Rep

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1:  Harp Shell Pauldrons (Heroic) Throne of the Tides
    #2: Pauldrons of the Forlorn Justice Points
    #3: Cinnabar Shoulders (Heroic) Stonecore
    #4: Captain Hadan's Pauldrons (Lost City of Tol'Vir Quest)

    #5:Detective's Shoulderplates (Allliance Quest)

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Solar Wind Cloak (Heroic) Halls of Origination
    #2: Azureborne Cloak (Heroic) Grim Butol
    #3: Springvale's Cloak (Heroic) Shadowfang Keep
    #4: Solar Wind Cloak (Regular) Halls of Origination

    #5:  Periwinkle Cloak (Heroic) Throne of the Tides

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Peacemaker's Breastplate (Rep) Earthern Ring
    #2: Omega Breastplate (Heroic) Halls of Origination
    #3: Light Elementium Chestguard Blacksmithing Craftiness (BOE)
    #4: Chestguard of Dancing Waves Justice Points

    #5: Abalone Plate Armor (Heroic) Throne of the Tides

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Bracers of Umbral Mending (Heroic) Grim Butol
    #2: Gearbreaker's Bindings (Heroic) Deadmines
    #3: Bracers of Umbral Mending (Regular) Grim Butol

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: World Keeper's Gauntlets (Rep) Earthern Ring
    #2: Gloves of Curious Conscience  Justice Points
    #3: Clutches of Dying Light (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns
    #4: Repository Gauntlets (Quest - Halls of Origination)

    #5: Clutches of Dying Light (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Sun King's Girdle (Rep) Uldum
    #2: Light Elementium Belt Blacksmithing Craftiness (BOE)
    #3: Belt of Barred Clouds Justice Points
    #4: Belt of the Ringworm (Heroic) Stonecore

    #5: Clutches of Dying Light  (Quest - Alliance)

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Greaves of the Misguided (Heroic) Shadowfang Keep
    #2: Legguards of Noon (Heroic) Halls of Origination
    #3: Legguards of the Gentle Justice Points
    #4: Legguards of Noon (Regular) Halls of Origination

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Guildmaster's Greaves (Heroic) Deadmines
    #2: Drystone Greaves Justice Points
    #3: Greaves of Wu the Younger (Heroic) Tol'vir
    #4: Sussurating Treads of Shok'sharak (Drop) A rare Faceless One named Shok'Sharak (Vashj'ir - The Abyssal Depths.)

    #5: Greaves of Wu the Younger  (Regular) Tol'vir

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Ring of the Boy Emperor Archaeology - Tol'vir Project 
    #2: Kibble (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns
    #3: Band of Life Energy (Heroic) Halls of Origination
    #4: Ring of Frozen Rain (Heroic) Vortex Pineapple

    #5: Veneficial Band  (Heroic) Tol'vir

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic



    #1: Darkmoon Card: Tsunami Inscription Craftiness (BOE)
    #2: Tyrande's Favorite Doll Archaeology - Night Elf Project

    #3: Mandala of Stirring Patterns (Reputation) Tol Barad

    #4: Witching Hourglass (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns

    #5: Figurine - Dream Owl  Jewelcrafting Quest (BOP)

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic

    Appeal:  Dear Holy Paladins... If you see a weapon with HIT on it... Let caster DPS have it over you!

    (If you know me, you know my Seethe rants)



    #1: Scepter of Power (Heroic) Halls of Origination
    #2: Elementium Hammer Blacksmith Craftiness (BOE)

    #3: Torturer's Mercy (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns

    #4: Shimmering Morningstar (Rep) Tol Barad

    #5: Blade of the Burning Sun  (Regular) Halls of Origination

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic


    #1: Elementium Stormshield Crafted by Blacksmiths (BOE)
    #2: Shield of the Mists Justice Points

    #3: Crepuscular Shield (Heroic) Blackrock Caverns

    #4: Zora's Ward (Heroic) Tol'Vir

    #5: Zora's Ward (Regular) Tol'Vir

    Head : NeckShouldersBackChestWristHandsWaistLegsFeetRings TrinketsWeaponShield / Offhand : Relic


    #1: Captured Lightning (Heroic) Vortex Pineapple
    #2: Book of Dark Prophecies (Heroic) Stonecore

    #3: Book of the Well Sung Song (Heroic) Deadmines

    #4: Tattooed Eyeball (Crafted) Inscription (BOE)

    #5: Book of Dark Prophecies (Regular) Stonecore




    Arcanum of Hyjal
    Guardians of Hyjal - Revered

    1.) Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone
    Therazane - Exalted

    2.) Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone 
    Therazane - Honored


    1.) Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
    2.) Enchant Cloak - Intellect


    1.) Enchant Chest - Exceptional Spirit
    2.) Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats

    This is down to choice, but on the grand scheme of things Spirit is my preference on early reaid/pre raid gear

    1.) Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit
    2.) Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed

    Again, the #1 choice is focussed on early raiding. As mana retention seems to become easier then Speed will be best.

    1.) Enchant Gloves - Haste
    2.) Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery

    Mastery doesn't have much usefulness in early raiding, haste is much more handy

    Ebonsteel Belt Buckle


    1.) Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
    2.) Ghostly Spellthread


    1.) Enchant Boots - Lavawalker
    2.) Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality
    This is a nice way to get a bit of mastery.  ALWAYS get the enchants with run speed enchants for PVE raiding.  You should not be specced into Persuit of Justice, and the minor run speed increase can have MAJOR benefits. (In my hardcore guild in LK to even be considered for an application you had to have Tuskar's Vitality, regardless of class/roll)

    1.) Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent
    2.) Enchant Weapon - Heartsong

    Most people seem to be going Heartsong, however I believe the ratio of Int (500) vs Spirit (200) provides much more benefit with Power Torrent than Heartsong.  However, Heartsong is a great deal cheaper and still very good.

    Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect

    Red: Brilliant Chimera's Eye (JC) : Brilliant Inferno Ruby

    Blue: Purified Demonseye

    Yellow:Reckless Ember Topaz

    Meta: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond

    Prismatic: Brilliant Chimera's Eye (JC) : Brilliant Inferno Ruby

    Addon Questions

    Experienced WoW-Pro members will do their best to answer any questions you have about the WoW-Pro addon in this chat!

    Please Note: If you play on a private realm our addon most likely will not work. We do not offer support on private realm issues.

    Was no one here when you dropped by? Try our Troubleshooting Guide!


    Couple additions if we could:

    With icons, can we have one that shows Chat?  There's a lot of quests now that ask you to chat to someone, so an icon resembling this would be great.

    Can we auto-detect the provision of a buff?  Quite a few quests require you to do something, where you get a spell cast on you (sometimes visible, sometimes hidden) - a way to check if this buff is on you would be great.  For example, |SPELL|47014| would move onto the next step if you have the buff for spell 47014 on you.

    End of Guide

    When you finish a guide, if you haven't reached the level indicated, you get a step that says:

    "You need to be level X to finish this guide".

    Strange to get that just before the end.