[Gold Making] 5000g in 7 days - Tried and Tested Multiple Times (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

Getting gold in WoW now isn't exactly difficult, however, I was impressed by a strategy I recently used.

Tools Needed-
Those listed as optional will make a difference, but if you don't have them you'll just have to grind a bit more.

Flying Mount
High Fishing (Optional, but helps A LOT)
High Gathering Profession (Herbing is optimal)
Shattered Sun Offensive Rep Honored+ (Badge Rewards Vendor MUST be active)

The intent of this guide is to get from a low amount of gold to a high amount relatively quickly. I will admit high dps classes expedites the process, hunter is optimal (elemental tracking) and server population and class (pve vs pvp), and economy (supply/demand) obviously make a HUGE difference.

As in all guides that Jame writes, speccing/gearing your character for maximum DPS is going to dramatically effect time, but it mixes questing and strategic grinding. Feel free to group up with a partner for the quests if you wish, but I found it really didn't improve or hinder completion time.

This guide is set so that you repeat it (all parts) every day for 7 days and all parts took me on average 4-5hours a day. 4-5 hours a day may be a lot of play time for many people, but in my personal life I work 10 hours a day (plus travel), and have a family to attend to. The advantage I have, is I work over night, so farming/questing at NON PEAK times helps.

One thing I will mention is that I did the quests (part 1 and 2) after my grind (part 3) however, it may well speed up the process if you impliment Part 3, into the Nagrand/Terrokar portions of the questing guide.

5000g in 7 days - Part 1 Quel'Danas (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

The Quest Portion of this guide is based on the Shattered Sun Offensive quests both in Outland and on Quel'Danas. All quests are titled and valued as their Daily version. The stage this guide is written caters for the Badge Vendor stage of island progression, when I did my gold grind the Alchemy lab was not open. I realize that their are other Daily Quests out there, if you wish, incorporate them into this regimen, however, I'm giving you the run down of the strategy I used

Shattrath City
Pick up the quests-
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal, The Multiphase Survey, Gaining the Advantage, and Sunfury Attack Plans

Now enter the portal to Quel'Danas

Note: If you are a herber and/or miner, exhaust every node you come across for Gaining the Advantage

Isle of Quel Danas

Arm the Wards
Obtain 4 Mana Remnants from Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers and use them to energize one of the Crystal Wards surrounding the structures in Sun's Reach.

Just pick up 4 of the remnants for now, then when you head back through the Harbor between step 3 and 4 you can click on the crystal.

9g10s - Picked Up and Completed on Isle of Quel Danas
7 days = 63g 70s

Further Conversions
Place the Attuned Crystal Cores inside 5 defeated Erratic Sentries to turn them into friendly units.

9g10s - Picked Up and Completed on Isle of Quel Danas
7 days = 63g 70s (running total)127g 40s

Crush the Dawnblade
Slay 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Knights and 3
Dawnblade Marksmen.

11g 99s - Picked Up and Completed on Isle of Quel Danas
7 days = 83g 93s (running total)211g 33s

Whilst you're here, don't forget to visit 42,35 for Know your Ley lines

Once done here travel through the harbor and click a crystal to utilize the mana remnants from part one.

The Battle Must Go On
Slay 6 Burning Legion Demons and the Emissary of Hate in Dawning Square. Use the Shattered Sun Banner to impale the Emissary of Hate's corpse.

10g 10s - Picked up and completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 70g 70s (running total)282g 03s

Whilst you're here, don't forget to visit 48,44 for Know your Ley lines

5.) Disrupt the Greengill Coast AND Don't stop now...Kill Darkspine Sirens (about 5 to be safe) to get "Orbs or Murloc Control" (100% drop rate) Use these orbs by right clicking them in your bags then an AOE icon will appear at your cursor, make sure at least 2 pesky Murlocs are in range and then click the screen to send them bonkers. Whilst killing Sirens kill EVERY Darkspine Myrmidon until you loot 3 keys (stored on key ring) once you loot the keys, you can open the little chests laying around for the ore... This quest has a bi-polar drop rate of the keys, some days I killed 15 Myrmidons, others I only needed 3. You don't have to have all 3 keys before you open the chests, you can loot a chest every time you get one if you wish.

Whilst you're here, don't forget to visit 61,62 for Know your Ley lines

23g 98s (11g 99s x 2) - Both quests Obtained and Completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 167g 86s (running total)449g 89s

If you follow my map you should be back in the harbor. At this time visit the flight master area (NPC on the right) to undertake the following quests... (in either order)

The Air Strikes Must Continue
As I mentioned the NPC next to the flight master will give you the option to do this and the next quest. The top option is this quest, the bottom option is the next. Hint... Before you take off, if you like on a spare hot key, bind the Arcane Charges. This way you press your button and mouse click on it's target, seems as its on a global cool down you can almost machine gun those mobs down as you fly over them. Before you take off, observe what other players are doing, if someone has just taken off and they path to the left on their dragon hawk, give it a moment before you take off, or you might get beaten to the bomb, and have to go for additional fly overs. Crank the in game music up for this flight, it's a fine score from the people at Blizzard.

9g 10s - Obtained and Completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 63g 7s (running total)513g 59s

Once you complete this quest, move on to the next

Keeping the Enemy at Bay
Fly over the Dawnblade reinforcement fleet. Use the Flaming Oil to set the ship sails on fire as you fly and once you land, slay 6 Dawnblade Reservists.

This time you use Flaming Oil in a similar manner to the Arcane Charges, except instead of dropping them on demons, you take out each of the ships as you fly by them. Once you land kill 6 of the mobs. If the landing ship is busy, you can swim to the others if you wish. Once done, head back to the landing ship, and fly on home.

7g 58s - Obtained and Completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 53g 06s (running total)566g 65s

When you land, you are ready to turn in your quests... On the first circuit, I mentioned the Ley Line quest... Here is the info on that.

Know your Ley Lines
Use the Astromancer's Crystal at the Bloodcrystal, the Dawning Square portal, and the naga shrine at Greengill Coast.

11g 99s - Obtained and Completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 83g 93s (running total)650g 58s

My realm is not very progressed, but there is another quest called Open for business if your realm has opened the Alchemy Lab. Should this be available by all means do it! Very very easy to find the little green and red bushes dotted around the Island on your travels. Collect 5

11g 99s - Obtained and Completed on Quel'Danas
7 days = 83g 93s (running total)734.51 (650g 58s without Open for Business)

Before you scroll portal/hearth back Shattrath, Be sure you have picked up the following Quests-
Discovering Your Roots (called Rediscovering your roots if the Lab is open) and Ata'mal Armaments

Now it's time to go to part 2! See you there!

5000g in 7 days - Part 2 - Outland (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

Welcome to part 2 of 3 in my tried and tested Week of epic mount money making!

In the last Installment we earned ourselves 650g (730 if Alchemy lab is open on your realm)

If you have done part one, you should be in Shattrath with the following daily quests:

Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
The Multiphase Survey
Gaining the Advantage
Sunfury Attack Plans
Ata'mal Armaments and
Discovering Your Roots (called Rediscovering your roots if the Lab is open)

Remember, in your travels hit every herb / mine you can until you complete Gaining the Advantage. Skinners, fear not, I have a plan for you guys!

1.) Fly out to Netherstorm's Area 52. Once there head down to Manaforge B'naar and kill every Sunfury Blood elf you loot the Sunfury Attack Plans. (If grouped, this will drop for all in the party off the same mob)

Sunfury Attack Plans

10g 10s - Obtained in Shattrath and Completed in Netherstorm (Hand in at Shattrath)
7 days = 70g 70s (running total)805.21 (721g 28s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

2.) Go back to Area 52, and fly to Evergrove; BEM. Once there fly to Bash'ir's Landing. Kill humanoids until you or a groupie loots the Phasing Device. It's not a Universal drop, but only one party member needs to activate it, it precedes through death. Now start looting mana cells (pink sparkling cubes) until you complete the quest AND you have killed enough mana wyrms to get a Primal Mana.

10g 10s + 20g Primal Mana(based on Wowhead's buy out price)
7 days = 70g 70s + 140g = 210g 70s (running total)1015g 91s (931g 98s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

3.) Go back to Evergrove and fly to your faction's flight point in Nagraand

3b.) If you are not a Skinner, Ignore this, I want you to follow the green arrow and kill Clefthoofs until you've skinned 8 mana residue. I would get atleast 2 Clefthoof leathers, which will help you reach your goal.

Head to Oshu'gun and when you land put on your Goggles Once you put these on you can travel around the mountain and right click the goggles near a little ring of fire 6 times to complete the quest. Note: Don't put the goggles on before you get in the zone, because me and others found the quest objective don't show up if you do so.

The Multiphase Survey
9g 10s - Obtained in Shattrath, Completed in Nagraand (Hand in at Shattrath)
7 days = 63g 70s (running total)1079g 61s (995g 68s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

4. Head back to your flight point and then fly to Shattrath. At this point be sure you are still good on bag space, if not feel free to turn in what you have already. Once you are ready to go, mount up on your wings and head to 31,84ish on the Terrokar/Hellfire border.

Once you land you/your party need to kill flayers until you loot a Razorthorn Flayer Gland. These have odd drop rates, but generally speaking aren't that bad. Once you have one, find a Ravager that is not bugged (you can agro one if need be). Target the mob then right click the gland to get control of the animal. Hunters will be in their element here, as they can still pop BW and heal the pet as if it was their own, though oddly enough Kill Command doesn't seem to work. Basically you will have a pet bar that will allow you to control the beast. Search for little mounds on the ground and then click on the "Root" on your pet bar. This little fella will fight for you and you can heal it as a healer, or hunter, but if you don't have a heal button be very aware of your surroundings and bandage the little guy between mobs. This little critter will dig the mound until you see a gear icon, then you right click the root to loot it. Only one person in your party needs a ravager, they can uncover mounds for everyone in the party, but each root can only be looted by one person at a time. Once done, simply take off and leave your ravager on the ground.

Discovering / Rediscovering your Roots

9g 10s (13g88s if Alchemy Lab is active) - Obtained in Quel'Danas, Completed in Terokar/Hellfire (Hand in at QD)
7 days = 63g 70s (97g 16s if Alc lab is open) (running total)1167g 77s (1059g 38s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

5. Once done, Fly to the Throne of Kil'Jeadon (Alliance) or Falcon Watch FP -> Thrallmar FP -> Throne of Kil'Jaedon (Horde). Once here you need to head to the North West end of the area to pick up the following 2 quests:

Blast the Gateway
Blood for Blood

Once you have these quests go ahead and activate the Sizzling Embers in your bag. Once you do so a little fireball will follow you around. (If you use your flying mount, he will stay with you, providing you stay in the throne area) Walk around and kill the fire elementals until the fireball glows green AND you have 1 Primal Fire(drop rates here seem very good) Also kill 4 Wrath Heralds and loot their blood (100% drop rate). Once you have your bloods look for Felblood Initiates. Target them and get in range of one, click the Fel Siphon. Let this channel all the way down until you attack the NPC, which if done correctly, will transform into an Emaciated Felblood. Once you have completed this, head back to the quest NPC and walk through the demon gate with your fireball and wait for the explosion and quest complete message to display. Note: If you die at any point before completing Blast the Gateway, your fireball will vanish and you have to go through that quest all again. Turn the quests into the same NPC that issued them.

11g 99s + 10g 10s + 25g (Primal Fire, Wowhead's Buyout) = 47g 09s - Obtained and Completed in Hellfire.
7 days = 329g 63s(running total)1497g 40s (1389g 01s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

6. Now head to your faction's flight path and head to Shadowmoon. Fly to your Scryer or Aldor outpost.

Once there follow my map lines and land on the area of the temple where you see 4 elite mobs channeling (they will not agro on sight) Now face west and start killing the fel orcs on the stairs. Once those 4 are dead pull mobs on the lower level, but try to line of sight them up the steps, be very careful not to agro the elite patrolling mob, if you are in a group by all means kill it if you like, it'll will make the quest somewhat easier. Carry on killing fell orcs until you have your 5 Ata'mal Armaments. Once complete, I am going to assume your hearthstone is in Shattrath, if so hit it.

By now I expect you to have completed the gathering quest, hand it and all other quests that you get from Shattrath.

Gaining the Advantage
16g 39s - Obtained/Handed in at Shattrath.
7 days = 114g 73s(running total)1612g 13s (1503g 74s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

Then go back to the Island of Quel'Danas and head to the NPC that issued the quest. Right click the armaments in your bags until you complete the quest, and hand in. Also hand in the root quest.

Ata'mal Armaments
18g 28s - Obtained/Handed in at Quel'Danas, Completed in Shadowmoon/Quel'Danas
7 days = 127g 96s(running total)1740g 09s (1631g 27s without Alchemy Lab phase in QD)

That puts us at about 31% - 33% of our 5200g total just by questing.

At this point I would like to again state that there are other daily quests out there, and if you wish to do so, please do them, I just didn't do them because this route was the most time effective (both satellites took me about 2 hours to do, total). I did also do the Fishing and Cooking daily quests, and highly recommend you do the same, if you have the skill to do them. I was lucky and got an Eye of the Sea which I sold for 275g for a quick sale, but wowhead values it at 350g. Do not despair if you don't get this, as this guide will still cater to you.

Come back for the most difficult and boring part of my guide.

5000g in 7 days - Part 3 - Daily Grind (Retired Guide due to Wrath Expansion)

My tried and tested Week of epic mount money making!

In the last Installment we earned ourselves 1630g (1740 if Alchemy lab is open on your realm)

This is the part of the series that will make you moan and groan, but that being said, it all boils down to how much you want to make that money.

At this stage following the guide word for word you will need around 3400g (not including the sale of everything you've gathered on the way), and it comes down to Primals.

When going on a grinding spree, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember the Farmer's Oath


Make sure you have ATLEAST 30 bag slots open, because all the greys we get mount up, both in quantity and gold!

I spent about 2-3 hours killing all the elementals and fishing pure waters to get 200motes (20 primals) every day. This took around 5hours a day (includes the quests) to complete, and if you don't have that kind of time, low DPS, are on a higher population server, or PVP realm, it's going to take longer.

Primal Skettis

Income 1:
Talonsworn Forest-rangers- Elite 71-72- 29000HP

Best Classes VS Mob: Warlocks, Ice Mage, Hunter, Priest

Note: This mobs can be easily solod, just know how to pop your trinkets and short term cool downs in certain classes. It is a case of being able to do about 30,000 damage before it kills you. Stocking up on some pots may be a life line. Traps and Fears work.


Hotspot Info:
1. Very easy to kill with no real danger of adds if pulled right. Water elementals can add if your positioning is bad

2. The most challenging spot is here, make sure to be able to handle warp stalker adds, clearing this area is not a bad idea

3. Very easy to fight in this area, just have to find him and then pick a suitable landing spot.

4. The easiest of all 4 hotspots, be careful of the water elementals in the lake.

Income 2:
Primal Water - Skettis Surger
Level: 70 - 71
Health: 5,500 - 5,700
Mana: 3,155 - 3,231

Have about a 30% drop rate on Motes of Water; They spawn all over the lake, be careful of Aluvion, he is a pretty beefy elite, but CAN drop upto 4 motes per kill.

Income 3:
Primal Water - Pure Water
Skill: FISHING (400-500)

Look for little blue mysts in the water and slap on your fishing rod, these babies can give you upto 7 (my personal record) motes of water per life of the pool.

Primal Nagrand
If you do not have herbing, the next best method for farming is Elemental Plateu in North East Nagrand. At this point it becomes personalpreference which primals you wish to farm, but by far the least time consuming I have found, is the waters. (More mobs in a smaller and SEEMINGLY faster respawns)

These are bog standard water elementals much like their Skettis counterparts in Stats and ability. Given the lower concentrations of other mobs just keep doing loops and in about 2-3 hours you'll have 20primals (assuming you are not hindered by fellow farmers etc)

Primal Water - Pure Water
Skill: FISHING (400-500)

Look for little blue mysts in the water and slap on your fishing rod, these babies can give you upto 7 (my personal record) motes of water per life of the pool.

Wowhead.com States Primal Waters at 20g but I've never sold mine for less than 25. Let's do the math.

25g x 20 primals (life + water) = 500g and 500g x 7days = 3500g

This totals at -
5130g or 5240 (if Alchemy lab is open)

Play the auction house, the best time to put primals up on the AH are Monday nights (because Tuesday people will want to enchant their brand spanking new arena gear) Try not to flood the auction house with all 20 split up at once, people may disagree, but it is easier for people to undercut you when you post one for 20-25g each... go for the glory and put a stack of 20 up for 500g or 10 for 250g or 5 for 75g etc.

Farming 20 primals a day is mathematically the way to go with the quests in part 1 and 2, not accounting for all the other drops. In all honesty, I only had to farm 80 primals in total, which is 60 less than grinding every day.

If you take into account all the Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tomes, Leather, Ore, Herbs, Trash, Greens, Blues and if lucky (which I was not) World Epics you will get, you will EASILY offset the repair costs obtained as well as a probable reduction the amount of primals you need.

Thanks for enjoying this guide with me. This is one of many ways to increase your gold dramatically in a short time frame, but this is my most prefered theory in terms of time and variation.