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[AddOn] Silverpine Forest (12-21)

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A Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|66.07,49.80|Z|Undercity|N|You can pick this quest up from the Warchief's Command Board in Undercity.|
f Trade Quarter|QID|28568|M|63.37,48.64|Z|Undercity|N|At Michael Garrett.|
T Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|57.40,10.11|N|To Grand Executor Mortuus.|
A The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.40,10.11|N|From Grand Executor Mortuus.|
C The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.28,10.28|
T The Warchief Comet

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[AddOn] Kezan (Goblin 1-5)

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A Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|56.52,77.00|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|60.10,74.66|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
A Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
A Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
C Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|62.72,96.40|
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|70.29,82.50|
L Level 2|QID|14069|LVL|2|N|You should be around level 2 by this point.|
T Trouble i

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Patch 4.0.1 and leveling (Part 2: Priests)

Hrm...didn't really plan to cover priests, but figured what the hey, since one guy posted about wanting to see a priest blog. =p

I did a little bit of testing, starting a priest from 1 and getting it up a few levels, and messing around with an old priest I had sitting at 42, and then just looking at how talents and spells have changed.

Pre-patch 4.0.1, for priests to level, the fastest way to level was to be Holy (with 3 points in Spirit Tap from the shadow tree).

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New Project

An update for you all, I am working on a new glance guide listing all the items from Reputation gain in Cataclysm. I entice your taste buds, the general idea is Honored Rep = 85 Dungeon Gear Equivelant. Revered = Heroic Gear and Exalt = Raid Gear.

Watch this space

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Patch 4.0.1 and leveling (Part 1:DKs, Mut Rogues, Feral Druids and Demo/Destro Locks)

As Jiyambi knows, I'm currently working on some leveling guides for paladin, death knight, and rogue, as well as a general guide on tanking (mostly just working on paladin right now, though have the other three started).

I figured I'd put my thoughts together on a blog, without worrying about prettying up as a guide on classes and where I see that they stand from a leveling perspective, and fish for opinions/thoughts from other people, or just serve as a rough temp guide.

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