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I've been thinking about Gorgrond lately, and I was wondering what people would think of my newest idea. Instead of the current guide http://wow-pro.com/node/3599 what if we had 3 guides and people could choose to load either of two alternates with the current guide being the default.

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For whoever does Alliance Gorgrond...

I collected this while doing the horde guide. (the information was found together so I thought it would be easier to collate it at the same time). These items seem to be found ramdomly throughout the zone. I have found the Gronn Eye off of a named gronn (and he didn't have it when I killed him with a diff char) for one of the quests and the Orc Thorn off of a random infected mob for the bonus objective near Beastwatch.

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Horde - Iron Horde Invasion - Source Code

This is the intro questline that will become available when 6.0 is released (October 13, 2014). For some reason. The Tanaan Jungle guide was here instead, so. I changed it.

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Neutral Intro to WoD Quest Line #2

Edit 8/23/14: I realized my plan to combine the Blasted lands and tanaan jungle sections was flawed, so I have undone that...

Thanks Fluclo for editing it to make it neutral!! (see his comment below this) I have put a merged version over my original post.

edited from yet another play through. 8/28/14.
Here it is, the recorder and I don't get along well.

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Pet Battles

Ludo, or anyone else who can... please chime in.

I'm posting this here rather than starting it as a guide, since I haven't finished testing it.  I have however run into some problems I need help with.


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Tested on 5.2

It appears that for the most part the guides will work in Patch 5.2.

I did however come across one significant problem.  Every time I tried to load the Lorewalkers guide, WoW would crash.  See http://wow-pro.com/node/3531 for more details.

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Testable versions of Shado-Pan and August Celestials

I  am posting my rough versions of Shado-Pan and August Celestials guides.  They are not ready for distrubution in the next version just yet, but if those of you are willing and able could run thru them, it would help.  4 of my last 5 days for august celestials have been Temple of the White tiger... I think I have that area tested pretty well... unfortunately, the other areas haven't see the light of day yet...

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Any guide writer... help please

I am trying to figure out a way to make certain steps show or not show...

I am working on a guide for tillers rep/dailies.

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Lost and Found Achievement Guide

If you feel comfortable editing guide files, feel free to fix bugs on this page.

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Hi all,

I appear to have a blog now, I hope this is permanent. I will try not to abuse it :)

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