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Hunter Artifact and Class Hall Done

I am happy to say, I have finished up Hunter Hall.  Next up is monk, but don't expect it right away as Holiday and Year End things will keep me pretty busy for a bit.


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Priest Artifact and Class Hall

Priest gets to join the done pile :)

Next up is hunter.

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DK Campaign Done

And I can now add Death Knights to the done pile.  The guide is completed thru opening up the 3rd relic slot.  I am sure there will continue to be stuff to add, but it has all the quests WoWhead lists as DK Campaign so ... Thats it for now.  Next up... I think Hunter and Priest., Maybe I will have them all done before the next expansion comes out :)

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Paladin Class Hall Campaign DONE!!!

I am very happy to say, I unlocked my third relic slot and finished my Paladin Hall today :) 

Among other things that means the  paladin guide is done (probably more to come in the lights heart line... but thats not for at least 8 weeks and probably longer)


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Addons for guide writers

I wanted to share an addon I recently found.  This is so much better than scouring wowhead and having all my macro slots filled with /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (qid)).  [For rare vignettes an treasures. ]



Another one I use [as long as I'm sharing ] is 


It adds item id's and npc id's to their respective tool tips.


In the interest of completeness, wholly and grail are pretty useful too.


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Legion Starter Guide.

I haven't finished all the artifact quest lines yet (just mage and monk to go)
The change log doesn't show on this screen, (I assume because I used blog, as opposed to create guide. sorry I forgot how to do it in the last two years) so I can't update it...

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Azsuna - Neutral

If you feel comfortable editing guide files, feel free to fix bugs on this page.

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I've been thinking about Gorgrond lately, and I was wondering what people would think of my newest idea. Instead of the current guide http://wow-pro.com/node/3599 what if we had 3 guides and people could choose to load either of two alternates with the current guide being the default.

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For whoever does Alliance Gorgrond...

I collected this while doing the horde guide. (the information was found together so I thought it would be easier to collate it at the same time). These items seem to be found ramdomly throughout the zone. I have found the Gronn Eye off of a named gronn (and he didn't have it when I killed him with a diff char) for one of the quests and the Orc Thorn off of a random infected mob for the bonus objective near Beastwatch.

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Horde - Iron Horde Invasion - Source Code

This is the intro questline that will become available when 6.0 is released (October 13, 2014). For some reason. The Tanaan Jungle guide was here instead, so. I changed it.

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