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Candy Buckets

Here is the updated World Events Module (At the bottom). It has only the Alliance Hallows End in it (as well as the Midsummer's guides for both factions from before), that has been updated with cord corrections, and a few other corrections.

Unfortunately I am too sick at the moment to complete the Horde side. I asked Ludovicus Maior to take over for me.

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WoWPro Addon Speed Test, with Heirlooms Part 1

Ok, so...  Just over a month ago I held a poll on allowing the community of WoWPro to choose my class.  And that they did, they chose Hunter for me and a Hunter I created.

Say hello to Leeba.

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Taking break

I have not been playing WoW for at least a month now.  Mostly due to my health, and partly since my wife is using my PC as her's has died.  I'll attempt to keep the spam down, but I am not sure when I will be returning to WoW.

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Daily Quests Hub

Since we don't have a spot specifically for the daily quest guides for the add-on. I figured I would make this where whoever made one can post it.

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Neutral Deepholm, Uldum and Hyjal

Apparently this decided to publish itself (thought I hit preview), so here is the Neutral version of Deepholm, Mount Hyjal and Uldum are in the comments.

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