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I have a question about a

I have a question about a certain addon.

I have recently dsownloaded a new addon called rothui and sadly the addon creator made it so in order for everything to work you need to take out all the folders and put them separate in your addons folder therefore making so that in game i now have to click around 15 different things for this addon to work, is there a way to put them all into one folder and it working with only haveing to activate one thing in the addon window.

i have a question about ingame playing

i have a lvl80 dk and when i try logging onto this character recently my screen goes all black and windows says my graphics stopped working BUT i can go on all my other characters including other dks on other realms ? any advice would be appreciated ty Sad

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1 addon to rule them all

You can easily enable 14 supporting addons by default, but make them depend on the 1st main addon. I don't know the syntax by heart, but should not be difficult to find this in the headers of other addons.

Your addon list should show
[ ] Main addon
[X] support 2 (disabled: depending on Main addon)
[X] support 15 (disabled: depending on Main addon)

it produces garbage in the list, but it works Smiling

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Jahwo could probably answer

Jahwo could probably answer this, but he's been afk of late. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this or if it can be done Sad My addon code knowledge is quite limited.

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ok thanks ill email him

ok thanks ill email him personally as well just in case he doesnt see this comment