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Current Version: 7.3.0C
Last Update: Sep 12, 2017
Next Update: Sep 27, 2017

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Basic Guide Window

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How To Install:

  1. Download the addon using the big shiny button.

  2. Download TomTom from WoW Interface or Curse. TomTom is important! Without it, you won't see the arrow telling you where to go! Get version v70000-1.0.0 or later.
  3. Unzip the downloaded files into your addons directory. (How do I unzip the file?)

    Windows 7/8 location:

      C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

    Mac location:

      Macintosh Main HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons
  4. Log into the game. In the lower left-hand corner of your character select screen, you should see an "Addons" button. Click it. The WoW-Pro addon and TomTom should both be listed. Make sure they are checked, and you're ready to go!

  5. If you have any trouble installing the guide, stop by our Addon Help Chat Room to get help!

You can also visit the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon Troubleshooting Guide, where you'll find a fix for most common issues.

Don't miss out on updates!


  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!

Have a bug to report? Want to help us update guides? Check out our community page!

The Addon Dev Team

Lead Developers:

  • Core Addon: Jiyambi/Silvann/Ludovicus
  • Leveling Module: Jiyambi/Ludovicus
  • Dailies Module: Jiyambi/Twists/Ludovicus
  • Professions Module: Ludovicus

Development Team:

  • Dunevon
  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Jiyambi
  • Ludovicus
  • Shakazahn
  • Silvann
  • Twists

Guide Writing:
  • Arixan
  • Bitsem
  • Gylin
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Kurich
  • Manovan
  • Snowflake
  • Svenn
  • Wkjezz
  • Emmaleah
  • Tubera
  • Fluclo
Guide Coding:
  • Bitsem
  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Hezkezl
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Liavan
  • AyaJulia
  • Malorajan
  • Pretzl
  • Tarix
  • MagicSN
  • AyaJulia
  • evl
  • Mezput
  • moraller
  • tash
  • toobulkeh
  • Tuluven
  • Twists
  • Zidomo


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Nevermind ... Tried downloading this on Mozilla Firefox and unzipped it again

Just works fine

          ______        _______


Love the guide! It's

Love the guide! It's great.

One issue, and I'm not sure what it is really. All of my other alts use the guide fine (so far.) But I recently made a Worgen, and it seems to explode. It is incapable of finding the area, the check marks wont work (even if the guide is fine in written) and TomTom explodes. I recently updated this, could it be the issue?


Message: Bad argument #4 to 'Astrolabe...\AddOns\TomTom\libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:871' (number expected, got nil)

Message: Bad argument #3 to 'Astrolabe...\AddOns\TomTom\libs\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:479' (number expected, got nil)

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This is due to the fact that

This is due to the fact that the libary (Astrolabe) that TomTom depends on isn't yet fully up to date in the new zones. TomTom's author is updating TomTom as Astrolabe gets updated

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Astrolabe is TomTom, not

Astrolabe is TomTom, not WoWPro.  But try this: Download this  Put it into Interface>Addons>WoWPro_leveling>Alliance folder to replace the one currently in there.

It worked!

See, the things I learn about addons.

It worked like a charm. 

Having a few problems

Hi guys i am having a few problems with the guide. first the waypoint arrow is not showing im not sure why. second is that when i complete a step in the guide sometimes it won't dissapear i will get checked and just stay there. third is that for some reason "zone not found. Using current zone" keeps popping up. I'm using the 2.1.0 version of wow-pro and im using the 1.0.7 version of Tom Tom if that matters :)

Love the guide guys keep up the good work.

Gylin's picture

What guides are you having

What guides are you having problems with and if you can remember which steps too as this helps us to fix them quicker for you

I had the zone problem with

I had the zone problem with Gilnaes. The waypoint arrow is missing for both Kezan and Gilnaes, though TomTom reads as up to date. Could it have something to do with them being new zones?

Gylin's picture

See my comment above for the

See my comment above for the TomTom issue.

If an addons says it's upto date, in game on the addon selection screen, that doesn't mean it is. To make an addon update as far as WoW seeing it as such, is only a matter of editing 1 line of code within the TOC file for that addon. Also with any major content change there are going to be issues where any addon isn't quite right or have all it's data updated, and I think this is very much the case here with Astrolabe and TomTom (as it depends on Astrolabe).

Not everyone got into the beta, so a lot of addon authors will be updating their addons as we go over the coming days/weeks

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Download this

Download this  Put it into Interface>Addons>WoWPro_leveling>Alliance folder to replace the one currently in there.

For Kezan, download this Put that into the Horde folder and replace the one currently in there.

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Thanks for helping me !!

          ______        _______


Thank you. :) Just finished

Thank you. :)

Just finished Kezan. The Lost Isles also seems to be having issues with missing waypoint arrows.

Waypoint arrow just popped up, however, it is just tracking my character, not pointing to the next objective.

yea im in gilneas

yea im in gilneas

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Download this

Download this  Put it into Interface>Addons>WoWPro_leveling>Alliance folder to replace the one currently in there.

Fix "skipping stpes" issue?

Hey guys,


Is there a possible way to fix how steps are skipped?

a few times I've already completed the quest in line, but wen i click
it, the box comes up telling me it will skip allthe next steps...which I
really haven't done.

This results in having ot go all through the guide and uncheck everything.

Is there a way to add an "ignore" button to skipping the steps when the box pops up?


love the guide, and have used wow-pro for quite some time, but for
example, in maelstrom, I already did the first quest before loading the
guide....but since i check it, it skips a ton of quests.   I finally
just said heck with it and ignored the guide due to spending 20 minutes
tryi8ng to uncheck things.

(btw - not being pissy or anything with
you guys, cause I love the guide and the site, it's helped me alot,
just trying to think of a way to make it a little easier.

I'm stupid....(yes, I admit

I'm stupid....(yes, I admit it)

Simply right click the box and it will bypass it, not skip all the other quests....

Keep up the great work guys, it's much appreciated :)

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You are not stupid, many

You are not stupid, many people don't know this. I need to add a tooltip to the check box and that would fix this issue >_< I just haven't yet.

Glad you were able to figure it out.

Error saying My addon is out of date

Hi guys

Not sure if anyone else has had this but the day after Cat came out the Addon said it was out of date and a new version was available.

I checked curse and this website but the versions where the same.

Has there been a new update yet? I was halfway through grizzaly Hills before the addon said I had to update.

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If you want all our guides

If you want all our guides (including Grizzley Hills) you will need to download here. Curse and WoW Interface only have our "starter" guides - 1-10 and the starter guides for each expansion.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we just need people to visit the site or our community will die out and the addon will no longer be able to be maintained!

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version 2.1.0 is the current

version 2.1.0 is the current latest version


Updated Hyjal Quest Guide

Here is an Updated Hyjal Quest Guide to what I am up to so far.

I have removed Aviana's Legacy (I have not found it so far, i have been told it is available later) I have also changed the reference for the quest "The Last Living Lorekeeper" this is now collected from Ysera in Nordrassil.

Should be working, I hope this helps

(I have been using this for Alliance, but it should work for Horde as well)


Firelord fixed. For the

Firelord fixed. For the Twilight Egg fix I need coordinates. Will probably have them myselves thisevening, though.

The issue is that the

The issue is that the continueing of the questline is dependent (as far as I understood now) withthat you either do this quest or Wings over Mount Hyjal. But that you cannot get both.My guidefile assumed you DID get Wings over Mount Hyjal. I fixed the guidefile and uploadedit a few minutes ago, hope this will work for you now. I will test it myselves in the evening.

Issues in Cata

Hi, I have seen some issue with the step recording in the Alliance Vashjir Guide. One example is step 301, that does get recorded. When I try to mark it manually in excludes to many quests.

Still one of my must have addons.



Jiyambi's picture

Right-click is manually

Right-click is manually complete, left click is skip quest (which will skip quests that depend on it).


I need to add a tooltip saying this in game, sorry for the confusion!

Issues in Cata

sry 4 dp

Kudos :)

Hey guys, long time user of the addon here yet to show some appeciation.I dinged 80 last Friday with a playtime of 2days 16hrs with your guide - and that included levelling my professions!I'm currently half way to 83, casually plugging away and loving the guide.Thanks a lot!

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Waypoint arrow not showing.

After dowloading the new version of the guide I have the problem pointed out in the message's subjet. The way point arrow of tomtom isn't going to show up , no matter if I delete the wtf and cache folders or if I reset the arrow's position. Maybe there is some problem with the game that is going to be fixed in the upcoming patch :)

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If you followed the link from

If you followed the link from above for TomTom, it is unfortunatly an out-of-date link.

Try this one:

im having the same trouble

im having the same trouble with the arrow not showing up. i followed the link you posted but i still have no arrow showing up.

"Lady La-La-La's Medalion"

"Lady La-La-La's Medalion" and "Blacfin's Booty" quests are Alliance only. So what are they doing in Horde guide?!

Nope.  La-La is a Horde quest

Nope.  La-La is a Horde quest I did it with my Orc DK.

then the drop rate 0.00001%.

then the necklace drop rate is 0.00001%. i wasted 30 min killing giblings. doesnt look like speedleveling.

idk what to tell you man.  I

idk what to tell you man.  I can't remember how you even get the quest.

Vash'Jir Horde Guide.

First off, thanks for the great add-on.


I just wanted to say that the Vash'Jir Horde guide in the add-on is not complete. It stops at step 112 when you take the "Wake of Destruction" quest.

Any chance to have an update on this before the EU release in a little more than 6 hours? Just wanted to know as I first intended to start by Vash'jir to avoid the overpopulated Hyjal.


Jame's picture

Vash'Jir WILL be in the

Vash'Jir WILL be in the update! Coming any minute now! :)

Jame's picture

New version of the addon is

New version of the addon is being compiled right now. Expect an update within the hour. Vash'jir might not be fully completed, however, you can start with Hyjal and come back to check here when you're done. We might have more updates soon after the launch!

I have the new addon but the

I have the new addon but the vash'jir guide isn't showing up in the in-game list for horde. If there was a way to load a guide without the UI that would probably work but I don't know how to do that.

Crackerhead22's picture

Try deleting both of the

Try deleting both of the WoWPro folders, and re-extracting them.  I can see that guide, so it is possible something did not overwrite properly.

Yeah I already did that, the

Yeah I already did that, the alliance guide does show up for me, just not the horde one for whatever reason, and I actually tried to re do it several times.

Jiyambi's picture

There was a brief several

There was a brief several minute period where that file was bugged in the download, I then re-uploaded the file with the fixed bug, so if you re-download the problem should be fixed.

Xerromace's picture

I have the same problem

I have the same problem as  Sabrelime that vash'jir don't show up but it does in 2.0.6 but stops after 112 steps I have tried to redownload it several times even with different browsers but I still can't see vash'jir  in 2.1.0

Crackerhead22's picture

Try this...

Try this. Open the WoWPro_Leveling folder, then open the Horde folder. Open "80_82_Arixan_Vashjir.lua" with a text editor (like Notepad). Go all the way to the last line.

The last thing you should see is...
If it is not there, then add it underneath ]]

Xerromace's picture

Ahh sweet thanks alot 

Ahh sweet thanks alot  Crackerhead22, that fixed it :)

Thank you very much :)


Crackerhead22's picture

No problem.

No problem.

Silvann's picture

The download is indeed 2.0.6,

The download is indeed 2.0.6, most up to date. We just forgot to update the version in the TOC file. Next version should be released soon, anyway.

Thank you and what about us Allies ;) ?

First of all, your guide is nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for providing feedback of such amazing quality in such a lightweight addon, for free. 

However I've got one teeny tiny question: Horde already have their Uldum and TH guides. But not us, allies :/ Is there any chance we're getting them before the release, or will we just have to use our own brains (or lack of it after hours of pexing) to figure things out ?

Thank you very much again :)

wkjezz's picture

For the Alliance

Beta got switched off a lot sooner than we had anticipated, the Alliance guides you mentioned may well be a later release, which makes us sad too!


what option should i use if i

what option should i use if i want to level fast 1 2 or 3 ? in quest complitness.

Crackerhead22's picture

Unfortunately, with the

Unfortunately, with the revamp of the a lot of the old zones, on Blizz's side. There a lot of quests that can not be skipped from what I have seen.