Midsummer Fire Festival - Tour Guide - Horde Only

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The Midsummer Fire Festival is a great time for both leveling players and those at the level cap. Not only are the achievements fun and great for completists, these quests also provide a ton of gold. This guide for Horde players will get you every fire honor/desecration available. A paper version of the guide may be forthcoming, but for now you can download the guide in addon form.

Here is the full link:


As with other WoW-Pro Tour Guide files, you will need Tour Guide and TomTom or Cartographer to run this addon. The addon itself is self-contained and does not require the other WoW-Pro addons to run.

For more information about our addons, check out the Main Info Page for the addon. You can also find links to the supporting addons there.

Please post feedback here. The Northrend section in particular has not been playtested, so if you notice any mistakes, please post a comment.


Correction for the Eastern Kingdoms Guide

The Stormwind flame coordinates are wrong, I believe they have changed them this year. The correct coordinates are 49.6, 72.4 (in the Mage Quarter). Running around on my Kodo inside Stormwind searching for the flame was a very stressful experience... Not to mention two very long corpse runs Sad

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Odd, I swear I play-tested

Odd, I swear I play-tested that section and they worked for me! I'll investigate. Sorry, I totally understand, I think I had about five corpse runs because they were literally killing me before I could get the fire, since they kept interrupting the stupid cast.

A Suggestion for the Kalimdor Guide


First, thanks for this guide, high quality as usual.

Second, I have a suggestion which I believe can improve the time to do the Kalimdor trip. The basic idea is that the trip back from The Exodar to Ashenvale is long and dangerous (considering the fact that you're flagged after stealing the Exodar flame). I would Hearth to Dalaran after doing Exodar, portal to ORG, fly to Everlook first, take care of the two fires there, fly to Splintertree Post, take care of the two Ashenvale fires, run back to Splintertree Post and continue from there (Crossroads etc.).

There might be other places where it's faster to Hearth->Portal->Fly than to run. For example the Nijel's Point -> Shadowprey Village -> Feathermoon Stronghold -> Camp Mojache run is quite long, maybe it can be broken down into two parts by Hearthing and Portaling to Thunder Bluff.

And last, there is a mistake in the Darkshore flame coordinates and the Darnassus one (which is actually in Rut'theran Village, not in Darnassus - might be worthwhile to mention that in the guide).

That's it, thanks again for this (and all the other) great guides.

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Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback! I agree, that does indeed sound faster and I will make the change when I have some time, in addition to correcting those coordinates.


Just out of curiosity. This guide should work for both alliance and Horde. At least so far as the honor and desecration goes. all you have to do is the opposite of what the guide tells you. Basically you just use the guide to locate all the fires and presto achievement for the alliance.

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Eh, I really don't suggest

Eh, I really don't suggest it. The reason is, this guide specifically uses a path and flight paths for Horde. You'd have to skip a lot of steps, find your own flight paths, skip the Alliance capital cities, and work in the Horde capital cities. The path would definitely not be optimal. All in all, probably easier just to use the list on WoWWiki, but up to you!

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Well, I think he means that

Well, I think he means that the various coörds could be useful... maybe another addon for that? Sticking out tongue

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Someone has had the same

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*shrug* there are other

*shrug* there are other leveling guides in Tour Guide too. This is one from our users for our users. I don't care if it's the best or not, I made it because I thought it would be useful.

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about firefox

For firefox it seems if its left clicked the download may not start, so right click the link then press the 'save as' button

Any chance on getting an

Any chance on getting an Alliance version soonish?

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If you really, really want a

If you really, really want a guide, I recommend the Midsummer Festival Guide from Wowhead. Yes, not Wow-pro, hey, what the hell.

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Not from me! I don't have

Not from me! I don't have any high level Alliance toons, and neither did the original author of this guide. But if someone else does, feel free to make a guide and upload it!

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Nice work Jiyambi! Going to

Nice work Jiyambi! Going to try it now Smiling

edit: Ehm, I can't seem to download it, the link is not working... Could you try something like Filefront or Curse?

Firefox couldn't open it (probably because of some add-on I have), but Internet Explorer could.

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Weird, it worked for me! Oh

Weird, it worked for me! Sticking out tongue Oh wells.